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Thursday, July 21, 2005


Half-Nekkid Thursday....Number 1....

Well it’s Thursday and many of you know what that means. I am not sure of the origin of the whole thing, but the Blogger Osbasso set forth the guidelines, so I thought I would participate. I intend to do so every Thursday from here on out. I encourage you, my readers, who don’t already participate, to do so and submit a picture for Half-Nekkid Thursday! This picture was taken by me on the way home from Tennessee two weeks ago. That’s my hand and my wife’s boob. (In a moment of weakness, I let her drive, because I was tired.) So it’s actually a double “half-nekkid” pic…my hand and her arm/leg/hand. How about that for a first attempt!! Huh?? Do I ROCK or what? Yeah, whateveh….. Check out the small portion of the orange T on her shirt, you know that is a University of Tennesse T-shirt she is wearing (just under my hand) She’s a alumni of that FINE institution after all. Thank you all so much for the anniversary well wishes. I know I’ve responded to each of you via e-mail, but I just want to say again how much I appreciate the comments. Our two year anniversary yesterday was awesome! I met Susan for lunch at a very nice restaurant and we had a delicious three course meal (with no alcohol) for slightly under $70. Then last night we consummated our two year mark with some wonderful love making. Again I won’t go into detail, I know it bores you, but I will say that the nut gravy was delivered to the interior. That doesn’t happen very often. Could there be a little Chuckie in the making? Nah, I doubt it… Today I have been busy with work and then this evening I cut the grass. For the past three weeks I have hired a crew to do it. It really sucks having to do it yourself! We are paying a separate service $36 every three months to come and fertilize the yard. I thought it was a pretty good deal until I had to cut the grass. My yard is lush! It’s so thick I had to raise the blade up two notches just to be able to cut the damn thing without it stalling out. This means that I will have to cut it again this weekend just to get it to the lower height I like it to be. Damn. I have recently added a few new links to my blog roll, and there are a couple of them I would like to point out to you. I’ve discovered the blogs of a husband and his wife. Just so you know, I always like it when married couples blog together. I wish Susan would contribute here on my site every once in a while. What’s unique about these two is that they each have their own separate blogs. One will talk about a certain situation or occurrence and then the other will give their opinion of the same thing. It’s pretty awesome! Plus, and this is always good, they sometimes post pictures and talk about their sex life. What’s better than that? Go check out my fairly close neighbor JAY and his lovely wife MIMI. Send them some love and well wishes….these two are great writers! I’m out of town on business, late Thursday through much of Friday, hopefully the hotel has some decent high speed Internet. Talk to you all soon…. P.S. I just want to take a minute and wish the best for my old friend Snagley and hope for his safe return from Juan De Nova Island where he has gone to retrieve the body of his dead, and very frozen, cousin. That sucks man…wishing you safe travels. Yo.

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