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Monday, July 25, 2005


Good Times....

Good Times “Ain’t we lucky we got ‘em…” We spent much of the weekend watching the Good Times (click the link and turn up your speakers) marathon on TV Land. I bet, all in all, I spent more than ten hours over two days watching the episodes. I’d forgotten what a great and groundbreaking show it was. I believe it was the first television program to feature exclusively a black family; and it was a gritty, real life portrayal to say the least. The show really handled some controversial topics of the day (mid to late 70’s) and gave a realistic picture of a side of family life not seen on your average situation comedies. Watching the episodes this weekend really took me back to childhood. Much of my early years, until 1979, I grew up in an area with very few African-Americans. There was only two non whites in my whole school. Good Times opened doors for me and helped me see a side of life and family I was clueless about. Over the past couple days I have really enjoyed taking a walk down memory lane. Everybody say it with me…Dy-no-mite!! Other than watching television we really didn’t do much else. It was too damn hot to spend much time outside. I did cut most of the yard Friday night, and then the rest on Saturday evening. Otherwise, all I did was plant my ass inside trying to stay cool. Susan’s “friend” has been here visiting over the past few days, and in celebration we had a few bloody mary’s on Sunday morning. I hadn’t had a bloody in a while and it was a nice change. I bought the spicy V8 juice, of course, so they would be extra good! Work is kicking my butt this week, so if I don’t get around visiting blogs like I usually do please forgive me! It ain’t cause I don’t love ya!! ;-) Oh, before I forget, I wanted to thank all of you who commented or emailed in reference to my “blogoversary”. (thanks QoP for the word) I promise to make this site better in it’s second year….maybe I’ll turn it into a porn site. Go ahead and start emailing your amateur pictures to me! Go ahead, you know you want to….

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