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Friday, July 29, 2005


Good Lovin...

Good golly Ms. Molly…what good lovin’ me and Susan just had! I know there was a time when I used to post details about our sex life, and I’m aware that has been quite a while in the past. Well, after tonight, I have the urge to do a little bragging, if I may… But first, allow me to set the stage… When Susan got home from work tonight, around 6:40 pm, I was in the kitchen cleaning up from the dinner I had fixed for the kids. (Fish sticks, rice-a-roni and salad, in case you were wondering.) She walked into the kitchen, greeted the kids, gave me a kiss and said (in a stage whisper) “I am wanting it tonight!” That was all it took. I started sprouting half a woody from that point on. At seven o’clock we watched Big Brother, then called the kids down, once it was over, to begin watching Forrest Gump. Recently we have been trying to get our daughter T to watch something more than SpongeBob and other cartoons. Last weekend she watched Million Dollar Baby with us and really liked it. Susan promised that she would introduce her to other great movies like, Driving Ms. Daisy, Terms of Endearment and Forrest Gump. (Got to love those movies that take place in Alabama!!) Tonight we watched it together and T was so into it. We ended it right around the point where Bubba dies in Viet Nam, then I put my son’s ass in the tub and gave him a bath. We’ll finish the movie this weekend, I can’t wait for her to see it all. Afterward L&T went upstairs and Susan began watching Being Bobby Brown. I settled into the office to “mess around” a little on the computer. After about twenty minutes or so I heard Susan calling for me from the living room. I got up and went to check on her and she was sitting there with that “look” on her face. She was definitely ready for something. “Let’s go into the bedroom.” She said. That’s all it took….I followed her into our room like Trooper chasing his tail. She told me to close and lock the door and I followed directions like a pro. By the time I turned back towards her she was standing there naked, with only the light from the muted T.V. illuminating her awesome body. We met half way across the bedroom and began kissing. I took her head into my hands and kissed her like it was my last chance. Meanwhile she reached down, pulled down my boxers, took hold of my hardening cock and began stroking. After a minute of making out she pushed me down onto the bed and proceeded to run her tongue from my mouth, down my chest, to my crotch. My first thought was that I hadn’t showered today. I’d been busy all day with work and hadn’t had a chance. (In case you don’t know, I work from home.) I tried to pull her up to kiss some more, but she wouldn’t budge. “I haven’t had a shower today.” I said. “Mmmm, doesn’t taste like it.” She responded, with a mouth full. She continued to suck my cock and stroke my inner thighs while I reached around and rubbed her sexy back and ass cheeks. Within minutes I was harder than Vulcan’s ass and I pulled her up and pushed her down onto the bed. I kissed her lips again then worked my way to her tits, then down to her practically hairless pussy. She was so wet and tasted so good. I gave her oral attention for a few minutes until she begged, “I want your cock baby.” I kissed my way back up her stomach and tits, to her mouth and kissed her hard as I inserted my dick, hands free, into her hot wet cunt. I can’t express just how good it felt. She wrapped her legs around my waist and tightened her arms around my neck as I thrust into her repetitively. Every twenty seconds or so I would bend my head down and suck on her nipples, almost biting them, but not too hard. It seemed to drive her further into ecstasy. I kept up the rhythm and would alternate regular thrusting with occasional hard pounding. That hard, “balls slapping ass” / “nut deep fucking” must have done it for her because soon she was telling me that she was close. I continued what I was doing till she said the magic word, “there”, which in Susan “sex speak” means that’s the spot/act that pushes her into the big O. Within seconds she was coming, and coming hard. It was soon after this that I allowed myself to join her. I pulled out and jacked a skillet load onto, first her tits, and then her stomach. It felt sooo damn good! After I had busted my nut she was ready for another O, so she took a little of my cum that was pooling in her bellybutton and used it as lubricant as she rubbed her clit to yet another toe curling orgasm. Wow, what a night!! Okay, so I guess I should apologize for being a little too graphic, but hey…I can’t help it. It isn’t all that often that we have such a mind blowing session of sex! We do it quite regularly, but rarely so intense. It was the best thirty minutes I’ve spent all week! My only regret was that I didn’t take pictures for next weeks HNT post. ;-) I know she will be kicking my ass, once she reads this, tomorrow. But hey, a guy has to brag every once in a while….right? Y’all have a WONDERFUL weekend!! T.G.I.F. baby!! This evening at five o’clock I’ll be drinking beer and eating wings at a restaurant with Snagley while my daughter and her friends are next door at the theater watching a movie. It’s her 12th birthday/slumber party night. I am dropping them off and picking them up after the movie. Thankfully Snag agreed to pass the time with me while I wait…. Talk to you all soon!

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