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Saturday, July 09, 2005


Dennis Is On His Way, and oh yeah...I've Been Tagged...

Well we made it back home. We added it up and concluded we have driven almost 40 hours over the past three weekends. It was a quick trip since we needed to get back here and batten down the hatches in preparation for the coming storm. Hurricane Dennis is chugging his way through the Gulf and as of right now he is a category three, and a stronger three than Ivan was last year. Ivan devastated the Alabama and Florida Gulf coast. I was down there a few months ago and they are still rebuilding from the damage from that storm. Needless to say the residents of Gulf Shores, Mobile, Ft. Walton Beach, Destin and Panama City Beach are not excited to see this shit hit again. Dennis is supposed to come ashore late on Sunday and could possibly still be considered a hurricane, due to the wind speed, by the time it hits us here in the Birmingham area. I have heard predictions of 80 to 90 mile per hour winds in central Alabama. That stong of winds will uproot trees and rip off roofs. I hope there isn’t anyone from State Farm reading this because I am wishing for just a wee bit of roof damage myself. With the heavy rain we got last week from Tropical Storm Cindy I developed a water spot in the ceiling in the eat in area of our kitchen. Evidently I have a problem with the roof over the kitchen. With just the right amount of wind damage I may be able to get the insurance to cover the repairs. I know that sounds terrible, anyway…. I’ll update this post tomorrow or post another and let you all know what is going on. If it hits like they are saying, I doubt there will be any power on Monday. So obviously there won’t be any blogging. Those of you out there who are privileged (lol) to have my phone number(s) may feel free to call and check on The Chuckster Family and make sure we haven’t been blown off to Oz! :-) My friend Sarcastic Kitty tagged me with one of those dumb question things, so I suppose I should play along. Well, here goes…. What was I doing 10 years ago: In July of 1995 I was about seven months into a new job in Charleston, West Virginia. I was a store manager with a major bookseller chain. My daughter was almost two years old and my marriage to FA was fairly decent. On a down side I weighed probably twenty pounds more than I do now, although I was only twenty-six. 5 years ago: In July of 2000 I was miserably obese (standing 6′5″ and weighing 340 lbs) but had just began trying the Atkin’s Diet. I was a district sales manager for a major soft drink company working nearly 70 hours a week. My marriage to FA was going down hill fast. She was seven months pregnant with my son and had recently told me that she didn’t really love me, but considered us great friends. Thank God I ended up losing 100 pounds! 1 year ago: Susan and I were getting ready to celebrate our one year anniversary and I was often miserable, convinced she was cheating on me (she obviously wasn’t). She and I were in marriage counseling and I was taking anti-depressants for the first time. I was also having terrible headaches every time I would shoot a load of nut gravy. Yesterday: At this time I was driving in the car, alone with my wife, heading to Tennessee. I had just unloaded a rather large load of nut gravy into her hand and she was frantically looking through the glove box with the other hand and saying, “I can’t believe you don’t have any damn napkins in this car!” I just love hand jobs while driving on the interstate! ;-) 5 Snacks I enjoy: Peanuts, popcorn, vodka, beer and Copenhagen. 5 songs I know all the words to: The Star-spangled Banner, Rocky Top, Sweet Home Alabama, Afternoon Delight and the Delta Chi Bond Song. 5 Things I would do with a $100 million: Have butt cheek inplants, a penile reduction, pay off the debts of our families as well as our own, provide round trip tickets to all my blogger buddies and host a killer party in Vegas, provide the funds for Snagley to finally have that hideous facial deformity removed. By the way….Happy Birthday Bo Snagley!! Today is his 50th! LOL Go send him your BD greetings. 5 Locations I would like to run away to: Vegas, NYC, The UK, Iraq and Buttlick, Alabama. 5 Bad habits I have: Nose picking, excessive farting, smoking, dipping snuff and intravenous drug use. 5 Things I like doing: Busting a nut, blogging, spending time with my kids, watching reality T.V. shows and making my wife cum very hard. 5 Things I would never wear: Whitey tighties, a short sleeve dress shirt with a tie, regular sized condoms, one of those chastity belt/holster things for men, a Democrat politician’s election button. 5 TV shows I like: Rescue Me (bought the 1st season DVD collection today), Hell’s Kitchen, Hannity and Colmes, Big Brother and On The Record with Greta Van Susteren. 5 biggest joys of the moment: My wife and my weight loss, the wild monkey sex I am planning on having tonight, lying to my daughter and telling her there is NO WAY I am getting her a cell phone for her birthday, the love I have for my children and the fact that my wife and I will have been married two years in eight days. 5 Favorite toys: My computers, Susan’s beautiful breasts, Susan’s vagina, my lawn mower (yeah right!)and my digital camera. Okay….glad that’s over. I hope I haven’t bored you all. I seriously doubt there are any who want to do this that haven’t, but go ahead and feel free to play along! It was kinda fun, in a way…. Big excitement tomorrow….stay tuned!!

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