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Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Another Q & A...

I found this on Trust Me, I’m A Blonde and it was a little different than the usual Q&A posts so I thought I would participate…. 1) CD in your car that you are embarrassed to admit that you have: There are two, the Partridge Family Greatest Hits and ABBA’s greatest hits. 2) Song currently on the radio that you sing to in your car, that you are embarrassed to admit that you know the words to and like: “Hollaback Girl” by Gwen Stefani. 3) TV show(s) that you secretly watch that you are embarrassed to admit: Embarrassed to watch, huh….I guess it would be Blow Out. There’s something about that guy Jonathan…he can cut some serious hair and he is so obviously gay….even though he has a girlfriend…. 4) TV or Movie Star that you would sleep with but are too embarrassed to admit that you would, because he/she is not your “normal” type: The Mother character Ruth Fisher on Six Feet Under… 5) Musician that you would sleep with but are too embarrassed to admit that you would, because he/she is not your “normal” type: Okay this might be a little weird, but it would definitely have to be Loretta Lynn. 6) Secret single behavior that you do at home when alone but are too embarrassed to admit: Okay, are y’all ready for this? Sure? Sometimes, on the rare occasion, I will, after a good meal, fart into my cupped hand and then smell it…. 7) Admit HONESTLY what REALLY attracts you to the opposite sex at first site: Forget the “eyes and smile” shit…it’s all about (NSFW) boobage and ass for me. 8) Even though you are not gay, admit HONESTLY someone of the same sex who you would have sex with if you were gay: Honestly? Okay….let me think…this is a hard one. Hmmmm….if I had to pick someone I rectum it would be Matthew. Hey, he dips snuff so he can’t be too bad… 9) Name an Olympic sport that you are embarrassed to admit that you like watching: When those chicks do the running and flipping thing…gymnastics, yeah that’s it. 10) Have you ever masturbated in a public place? If masturbating in a car, on public streets counts, then yeah… 11) Have you ever had a job that no one knew about? If yes, what was it? Well there was a time, back in the early 90’s, when I drove women to hotels who planned to have sex for money. This portion of my life/career didn’t last long. 12) If you could be invisible for one day, who would you spy on? Kathy Hilton…she is a MILF if I’ve ever seen one…. 13) Be honest…Have you ever had phone sex? I have, on occasion…several times…next question…? 14) Be honest…Have you ever hooked up with a friend of your gf/bf while you were dating? Hooked up? Not to the whole “hook up” extreme, but back when I was dating my ex wife I once kissed one of her best friends….Snagley, I am sure you can remember…if you’ll think back to a certain freshman ADpi pledge ironing clothes in my dorm room. 15) Have you ever hooked up with someone that you would never tell your friends? Yes, there was this one 50ish year old woman who I met in a bar in Guymon, Oklahoma. She was buying me drinks left and right. When it was time to leave she invited me back to her motel (there aren’t any hotels in Guymon) and I came close to showing her what The Chuckster was all about. Fortunately I sobered up before I got too carried away. Okay…so I have shared a few embarrassing details about my life. I think I would like to see each and everyone of you use these same questions and respond from the heart. If you are not sure who it is I want to take this Q&A, then take a look at my links on the right. If your blog is listed there then I expect to read your answers on your site. Comment here and let me know you’ve done it.

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