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Monday, June 13, 2005


One Last Ex Post...

Well it looks like the Teflon Molester is free to go. He can molest them but it never sticks in court. I wonder if he will celebrate with a bed full of adolescent boys tonight. Needless to say I am disgusted. I met FA to get the kids back from her today. In all fairness I must say that she did come through with the purchases this weekend. I suppose I was successful in guilt-ing her into it. She bought T three or four t-shirts, some panties and bras. She also got the boy’s hair cut. That was something that needed to be done, but I didn’t mention. Between the PS2 game, the Star Wars book she bought for my son and all the clothes, meals out and the haircut I bet she spent $300 over the past three days. It simply amazes me that she has that kind of money to spend. Especially since she has no income other than the money her Mother deposits from her bank in Florida. Several of you have asked why we don’t go for child support and full custody right now. I have answered those of you who asked through my email responses, but I figure there may be others wondering who haven’t asked. The reason is this…recently we were successful in legally getting the $500 a month alimony removed from the divorce decree. Frankly after paying her that much a month for two years I was tired of her being on my payroll. She had chosen not to work so Susan and I were tired of supporting someone who didn’t try to support themselves. My lawyer intentionally left the child support option open by having the phrase, “Child support to be determined by future order of the court”, added to the decree. He suggested we wait a little while before going after support, if we can, so it doesn’t appear to the judge that we are only about the money. But, as I have said before, I do have a plan. I intend to have a talk with FA sometime before school starts back. I am going to tell her that I need her to step up to the plate and help us with the financial aspects of child rearing. My thoughts are that she could pay for one week of pre-school a month ($75) and pay for T’s hot lunches at school every other month ($50). She will also need to help pay half of other expenses such as field trip fees, school clothes, etc. It’s my belief that I will be able to guilt her into doing it. I usually have success with things like this, but it often takes me a few attempts to close any deal with her. She does, quite frequently, tend to be a bit stubborn. Alright, that’s about it for today. Not much else to report. My boss is coming into town on Thursday so I have been extra busy today. I promise no more ex wife posts for a while!

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