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Tuesday, June 07, 2005


New Technology and Blogging Hiatus....

The Chuckster’s household is going wireless! But first the Bad News… The Dell laptop that I use to post to my blog has to be sent to Dell to have the PCMCIA slot repaired. I recently purchased a wireless router and the adapter card it came with would not work with this laptop. With further investigation I discovered that the slot, which had never been used, was defective. I am shipping the computer tomorrow morning and probably will not have it back for a week or so. Meanwhile there will be little to no posting here, unless I can get brave enough to use my company laptop. On second thought I could write my posts on a Word document and then email them to ESSFingers and have her post them. Hmmm, wonder if she would be so kind? We’ll see, I will have to check into that. The Good News… Today, for Father’s Day, my lovely wife agreed to allow the purchase of a brand new Dell Inspiron 9300 laptop. Unfortunately it will not be shipping until June 22. But when it get’s here it will be the bomb! I will be able to burn DVD with this puppy. I wonder if you can take any DVD off the rack at Blockbuster and burn your own copy with this? I assume it would be illegal, but still…wouldn’t that be cool? If anyone knows whether this is possible, please let me know. Not that I would do such a thing of course. ;-) This three year old Dell laptop that I am sending in for repairs will become my daughters. With the wireless router all three laptops will be able to be online at the same time. I will also be able to blog from the livingroom or even the bed! Maybe I will hook up the webcam and Susan and I can perform our own version of home movies via for all the net to see! LOL Anyway, this will be it for a while. As mentioned above I may find a way to post, but if not then I will get back at you all sometime around the middle of next week. Take care!

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