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Friday, June 03, 2005


Musical Q & A...

To be such an accomplished performer in the musical theater, one would suppose that I am a person who lives with music daily. Unfortunately that is not the case. I much prefer to listen to talk radio programs of the political or sports nature. But since both Chris(who slightly modified it) and Michael offered me the opportunity to participate I figured I would. Hopefully this won’t bore you too awfully much. Total volume of music files on my computer: I used to have Kazaa on my computer and would occasionally download and save songs that I liked. I stopped doing that back when all the legal action was being taken against folks who did such things. Lately I have begun sharing files with friends and ripping CD’s that I have or have borrowed. I have around 300 music files currently on my computer. The last CD I bought was: The last CD I purchased was, believe it or not, The American Idol CD produced for the American Red Cross. I realize that purchase was rather lame, but I bought three of them on the day I went to get Bo Bice’s autograph back in mid May. Unfortunately we never got the autograph and the CD’s were already opened, so I didn’t attempt to return them. Anyone want one? Song playing right now: There isn’t one, so hold on a second and let me turn on the radio….okay that would be Living On Love, by Allan Jackson. This song does bring back some memories. Specifically the time I stood next to Allan at the urinals in a bathroom at the Atlanta Airport. Did I take a peek? He is a world famous performer, what do you think? Five songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me: 1. Afternoon Delight, Starland Vocal Band - my favorite time for loving. 2. Always, Atlantic Star - Sang this song as a duet on stage at my senior prom. 3. Flying Without Wings, Ruben Studdard - Kind of became Susan and my song when we were dating. 4. Rocky Top, UT Marching Band - Get’s my football juices flowing. 5. No Sleep Till Brooklyn, Beastie Boys - This song was playing when, in 11th grade, I hit a kid with my car while he was walking to the bus stop. Luckily he was okay, but anytime I hear a song from that Beastie’s album I think about that morning. Best song make love to: I don’t really have a favorite. Susan prefers to make love with Fox News on in the background. If I were to have a favorite song to “tap dat azz” to it would be anything slow and sexy, or with a porno instrumental beat. Yep, I am lame….. If anyone wants to take this quiz and do it yourself, feel free.

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