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Thursday, June 30, 2005


The Drivel Continues...

Well now, how do I follow yesterdays pathetic post? How about with a picture of me and Susan? Go see it quick cause once she finds out she will surely make me delete it. It isn’t the best picture we have ever taken and it’s certainly not net worthy, but there you go…The Chuckster and his Woman in all their (sweaty, buzzed on wine, been working in the yard at the Mother-In-Law’s house) glory. Someday I will figure out again how to post them directly onto my blog, until then…enjoy my picture galleries. Thank you all for your comments on yesterday’s post. I was just writing about my views on the unfortunate shit that sometimes happens in this wonderful place we all hold dear, the Blogosphere. You know, blogs really are a good thing. As my new friend Cowboy Colby pointed out (I paraphrase here) blogs are unique. Not too long ago if you looked into another life with such honesty and depth you might get slapped with an restraining order. Thanks Colby for that observation. He’s right. Those of you with blogs, think of what you write about and imagine you telling the same stuff to your friends at work, or the lady in line behind you in the checkout lane, or an acquaintance at church, or a stranger on a street corner, or Yolanda down at the convenience store. It wouldn’t happen. Being anonymous on-line gives us the chance to say what we really want. We can even post pictures of Big Bird if we want to and don’t have to worry what the next door neighbor would say. Try putting a life sized stand up of Big Bird in your front yard why don’t you. You reckon the folks who live around you might cast a concerned eye in your direction? Uh, yeah I think they would. Well you can do that on a blog and no one will care. Anyway, I love blogging and I appreciate you all who visit here. I also appreciate all the comments. Thank you all so much! I love each and every one of you….yeah, I have had a cocktail or five. So, speaking of blogging….There is going to be some changes around here. I have been spending too much time on this new computer sharing with you all and not enough time focusing on what enables me to pay for this new laptop. From this point on I will be turning my 9a to 5p attention to my job. It is way too easy, when you work from home, to spend more time doing what is more entertaining than what is more important. That’s got to change, but I will still find time to post. Worry not…I will find the time to offer you a glimpse into my life and I will do so either before work or afterwards. And I will get back to your comments during those hours as well. Thanks for understanding. Of course I am sure I will always find the time to take a break here and there. ;-) In other news I am anxiously awaiting the upcoming football season. Many of you know that I am a diehard Tennessee Volunteers fan. I submit this picture to you (NSFW) so you can see the love I have for the Vols. I can’t wait for the 2005 National Championship UT Volunteers to take the field in September!! Okay, it is 1am and I suppose I should be in bed. I have a big day of work ahead of me tomorrow. You all have a lovely Thursday, okay?

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