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Wednesday, May 25, 2005


The Chuckster Returns...

I am home. Finally. I am very glad. What a week this has been, I am literally exhausted. First I want to thank all of you folks for your comments, emails and well wishes on the trip and Susan took. I really appreciate each and every one! I hope you will all accept this blanket thank you as my response, as well as accept my apologies for being too tired (lazy) to get back to you individually. The cruise was fabulous and very relaxing. We docked on Monday morning then had to drive home from Mobile. After arriving home from the four hour drive, I had to do a couple loads of laundry then hurry to catch a flight to Nashville for a two day meeting. I have just now literally walked in the door from the airport and my return flight. I am very happy to be home. I am also very happy to see my kids. It’s been seven days and I missed them terribly. We are having a pizza/American Idol party tonight together. I only hope I can stay awake till the end! I have a ton of work to catch up on tomorrow since I have been out of the office now for eight days, so it may be Friday till I can catch you all up on the exciting cruise. I promise I will, and may even post a few pictures as well. Maybe even the ones from the “topless deck” on board! ;-) So y’all hang with me and I promise to get back to a regular posting schedule very soon. Thanks!!

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