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Monday, May 16, 2005


Ah, life sure is good...

Well folks I have just come off one hell of a past four days. There has been a lot of fun had by all, so I figured I should catch you all up on The Chuckster. Before I begin I want to say how proud I am of my beautiful sister. She graduated from The University of Tennessee on Saturday the seventh and is now all grown up! I thought I would add a picture of her in one of my albums so you can take a glimpse of the good genes that run in my family. Ain’t she the prettiest thing? Those of you who have been reading me from back in the day will remember that I used to be somewhat liberal with the details of my sex life. It’s not that my openness in this matter has changed; it’s just that the level of sex has. Where we once were three to four time a week lovers, we are now lucky to squeeze it in once. It’s not my or her fought, per say, it’s just that things have changed. Work is always stressful for both of us, anti depressant meds don’t help much either. When we do take the time to “knock boots” it is usually, 9 times out of 10, pretty much a “wham bam thank you Chuck” kind of experience. Well, this past Thursday night was not the norm. Susan instigated and treated me to a very pleasant experience. I am talking hot kissing, good blow job and her on top. Now to most of you this probably doesn’t sound like anything unusual, but for me it is. Sex with Susan usually consists of me hurrying up and getting erect, and then pounding her hard for ten minutes or so till she has an orgasm. Then, if I am lucky and able to, I pull out and bathe her stomach and tits with my nut gravy (remember that one?) I then go grab a towel, clean her up and toss it into the hamper. Tis sad I know, but true. Routine and stress got the best of us and we both somehow learned to settle for what we could get. Well, saying that Thursday night’s fun was routine would be a terrible error. It was very nice! On Friday morning my daughter and I went to the local Wal*Mart store to see our hero from American Idol, Bo Bice. Because this was a once in a lifetime experience, I kept her home from school. Bo was scheduled to be there at 10:30 a.m. to sign autographs so we arrived at 9 to get in line. I was not expecting to see the circus that was taking place. The area they had roped off for him to sit was right up front near the snack bar. The line of people started there and went all the way around the store. We walked around to the end and found ourselves back in the linen department with probably 500 people ahead of us. Eventually the line wrapped around the store twice and I estimated there were at least 2500 people there. It was a mad house. People with signs, people screaming, dudes wearing long haired wigs and other’s carrying their guitars. The lady in front of us had stayed up the night before to embroider a “Go Bo GO” apron to give him as a gift. When Bo finally arrived the place erupted with cheers. By 11:30 they announced that he would be leaving in five minutes. At that point there were probably 100 people still ahead of us in line and many, many more behind where we stood. People began to chant, “Don’t go Bo, don’t go Bo” over and over again. I began to worry that there might be a crushing rush towards where he was sitting. But being the stand up guy he is, he got on the intercom and spoke to everyone. I couldn’t catch much of what he was saying, the cheers were way too loud, but I did recognize the lyrics of “Sweet Home Alabama”, thanks to others singing along with him. I took my camera and made some pictures. Most of them are pretty blurry, but you can tell who it is. The two that are clear were taken by some chick that saw me trying to get close and offered to slip up there and take them for me. I had a sudden fear that this was just a ploy on her part to steal my new camera, but luckily she gave it back. So, when it was all said and done, I spent slightly over two hours and didn’t get his damn autograph. Oh well, maybe once the show is over and he is back here at home, I might run into him down at the super market. Yeah, right! Friday evening I cut the grass while Susan did some flower planting. The yard is shaping up pretty well now that she has gotten all into picking out plants and such. Unfortunately she plants crap then decides two weeks later she doesn’t like what she chose so she digs it up and buys something else. It burns my ass when she does that seeing as it is a big waste of money. Oh well, you know how women are. On Saturday my sister came down for a visit and that evening we went out to our favorite Mexican restaurant, Superior Grill. There we met up with a young single friend of Susan’s. My sister has recently broken up with her boyfriend of two years and is dating again after a long while. The four of us had a blast and stayed there for two hours drinking and talking about all kinds of stuff. With a buzz on my sis asked me when I first had sex, so we all ended up sharing our first time stories. I have to admit that I was a little freaked out knowing she wasn’t the virginal angel I assumed she was!  After dinner we drove back here to the house and watched movies till late. Sunday morning I was stirred from sleep by Susan rubbing my chest and stomach. As far as I know this was the first time she has ever done this. When her hand wandered down and inside my boxer shorts, I knew that it was on. Morning sex is rare with us because it usually takes me forever to finish. This time we enjoyed it and she came several times with her legs up over my shoulders and me pounding away. That evening we had a good old fashioned cook out and invited the guy from the night before back over. The kids were home from staying with their Mother and we all had a good time watching Elf after dinner. Once the kids were in bed the four of us watched old episodes of South Park till midnight. My sister left for home about an hour ago and I must say I enjoyed her visit immensely. Liz, if you’re reading this, I love you and want you to hurry back down again soon. Yeah, in my drunkenness, I did show her this blog as well as several others. Maybe she won’t remember the web address. It might be best that she doesn’t. I am not sure she can handle reading all the many pages of TMI about her big brother. ;-) On a more serious note, one of our good friends is having surgery today. We have all seen countless comments from Rosie on many of our blogs and she needs all our good thoughts and prayers. She will be in the hospital for a week, I believe, and the comment sections of our blogs won’t be the same with out her. Rosie, here’s to a speedy recovery! Drop her an email if you can, and send your well wishes as well to

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