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Friday, April 01, 2005


Oh my God, they killed Kenny......

I am not sure if any of you are South Park fans like me. I never was until Susan introduced the show to me soon after we married. Since then I have learned to love the oft vulgar, but usually funny, kids from South Park, Colorado and their many adventures. Last night, while watching the newest episode, Susan and I both gasped then let out a nervous laugh when we realized what the subject of the episode was. I shall give you a little run down of the episode now....It seems that the new PSP gaming devices have just been released, but when Cartman goes to buy one he finds the line every long and the machines are sold out before he can buy one. His friend, the unfortunate Kenny, was able to get one and it makes Cartman very jealous. Well Kenny plays the new game "Heaven vs. Hell" and finds that he is quite good. When he defeats level 60 in the game he goes out into the street to celebrate and promptly gets run over by a truck. Nothing unusual, Kenny dies in almost every episode. Well, Kenny's soul makes it up to heaven where St. Peter and the other angels inform him that he has been chosen to die because of his success with the Heaven and Hell game. It seems there is a real battle raging in heaven and the game was created to find the best player on Earth to come to heaven and use the "Golden PSP" and direct the out numbered armies of Heaven against the hordes of Hell. What ever the player does with the golden PSP immediately has the effects on the army, get it? This part of the show was set up just like the Lord of the Rings movies, with the demon army looking just like the Orc armies in the LOTR movie, marching on Heaven's Gate. Meanwhile, back on Earth it seems that Kenny's body isn't completely dead, but in a vegetative state. A feeding tube has been administered which brings the soul of Kenny back from Heaven and into his body once again. Doesn't this sound a little familiar? I have always been shocked with the subject matter the show employees; homosexually, abortion, religion, etc....but these similarities to the Schiavo situation were a bit unsettling. But still, with a nervous giggle, I continued to watch. It is revealed that Kenny had a will and had left his PSP to his friend Cartman. With this knowledge Cartman goes on a campaign to ensure that the feeding tube is removed, so that Kenny could die and he could get the PSP. Meanwhile Satan learns that with Kenny alive, and unable to wield the golden PSP, he can win the battle in Heaven. He sends his demonic agent to Congress to enlist the help of the Republican's in fighting to keep the feeding tube in place. A media storm ensues, complete with sign holding religious protestors outside the hospital that Kenny is in. Eventually the feeding tube is removed and Kenny dies. He goes on to direct the epic battle in Heaven and ensures a victory for the out numbered Angel army. Wow, it sure is amazing how the creators of South Park focus on such timely subject matter in their cartoon. Still, after watching, I am not completely sure how I felt about the show, but I will sure was damned funny. Go check out a clip here, if you'd like. Well, the first day of the garage sale went okay, even though it was raining. We made about $120 bucks. Not bad for a couple hours of work, selling crap we didn't want or need. Tomorrow morning it is supposed to be nice and sunny. Hopefully we can rake in a bunch more then. My daughter's cat has been missing for two weeks now. We figure it must have gone off somewhere to die. She has been a little sad about it, but not terribly. Well, this morning I told her that when I went to open the garage door I was shocked to be greeted by her missing cat. He had returned home. I promptly followed with "April Fools!!" She did not find much humor in my joke.... Have a great weekend!

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