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Tuesday, April 26, 2005


My Questions To You...

There has been a few of you brave enough to take my question challenge and I have made an executive decision. Although it may make the “god’s of the dumb 5 question quiz” mad, I have decided to forgo their wrath and ask the same five questions to all of you. So there! So far Queen of Pink, Rei, ESSFingers and Miranda have offered to answer them. You ladies feel free to do so and post your answers on your blogs. All the rest of you can do it as well. You can answer them in my comments (Rosie) or post them on your blogs, if you feel so inclined. Just remember the rules, as are outlined at the bottom of my last post. Okay, here goes…. 1. Have you ever participated in phone sex with another blogger or chat friend. If so, describe your most memorable episode. 2. Without giving out exact details, how would you rate your current credit rating? What has happened/have you done to get this score? 3. Do you have a recurring sexual fantasy? If so, share it in detail. If it includes me, just call me and tell me about it (see #1). ;-) 4. You find yourself in prison for 20 years with no chance for parole. Your cell mate offers the chance to explore same sex, discreet relations with you. There is no chance anyone can find out, and he/she isn’t all that bad looking. Do you do it? 5. Describe in as much detail as possible, the worst experience you have been through in the past twelve months. Okay, there you go. They aren’t that bad, now are they? Have fun, can’t wait to see your responses. Let me know if and when you post them to your blog. Back to work….later!

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