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Monday, April 25, 2005


My Five Questions, and a few other things...

Today has been a busy day! Work has kicked my ass once or twice, but I still found some time to take a break or two. I watched WADD, The Life and Times of John Holmes. It was pretty interesting. I can relate to the man in so many ways, except the drug use, murder rap, gay things, etc. I am sure if you try hard enough you can think what it is that Mr. Holmes and I might have in common. ;-) While playing around with my new blog last night I discovered something pretty neat. I am sure this is something that all of you already know about, but it was news to me. When you guys leave me comments I get an email notification in my box! How cool is that? Before, when I was using Haloscan, I never was aware of this option. So now when you leave me a comment there is a pretty good chance that I will be emailing my response to you instead of doing so in the comment section. So, my friend ESSF has given me some questions to answer so I guess I will do that now. 1. If you could choose the way that you will die, what would it be? You can’t pick dieing in your sleep. If I could chose the way I would die it would be as an old man, probably in my late 90’s. I would want to see the light at the end of the tunnel from dieing from a heart attack brought on by an overdose of Viagra and certain strenuous activity. 2. What is the first movie you remember seeing at a theater? What do you remember about that experience? It was at a drive-in theater…does that count? I know for certain I had been to other movies, but my first real memory was seeing Jaws with my parents and friend Craig. I remember sitting in the back seat with Chris eating popcorn, that my Mom had made and brought from home, in my Dad green Impalla. That was a cool car cause it had an 8 track player! I remember being very scared and not being able to sleep that night. 3. What is your fondest childhood memory? Please explain in detail if possible. Hmmm, fondest childhood memory…honestly there are too many to choose just one, I had a wonderful childhood. I guess any Christmas morning is worth mentioning. Especially the Christmas of 1977. That was the year we were moving from Virginia to North Carolina and my Mother’s entire family gathered at her parent’s home in Tazewell, Virginia. There were probably 25 people there and I remember me and several of my 10 cousins playing “coal miners” in the dark basement with my Grandfathers coal mining helmets and equiptment. 4. If you had to live in a non English-speaking country which one would it be and why? That’s easy. Germany. Beautiful scenery, lots of beer and beautiful women. Plus I already speak the language a little. 5. When was the last time you danced and where was it? A year ago, in Montgomery Alabama, at a restaurant/bar with a lovely customer of mine. She wanted to get a little freaky, and dirty, but I resisted like the gentleman I am. :-) Okay, here are the rules…. If you would like for me to ask you five questions… 1. Leave a comment saying “interview me” if you’d like to be interviewed. 2. I’ll respond by asking you 5 questions here. They’ll be different than those above. 3. Update your blog with your answers to the questions. 4. When you do so, include this same explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same manner. 5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you’ll ask them five new questions. I will do this with two of you, tops. I will also not guarantee that my questions will be as tame as these asked of me! So if you’re brave, I am game!

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