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Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Meeting Susan, part seven

Before I begin with another entry of the Divorce Chronicles I thought I would preface this account of new love with a recent quick observation from the present day. This post should paint for you, although not too eloquently, the story of Susan and my first meeting and date. There is some intense intimacy involved, as you will read, but as many married people learn - it doesn’t always last for long. The stresses of marriage; making a home, work, kids, money, etc, can cause the flames to die down. Recently my sex life has been in the dumps. As many of you who have read me for a while know, I used to take anti depressant medication which screwed with my libido in a bad way. Also Susan has not been the most intimate of women. She would be happy with a good hard five minute romp, get off, then be done. Rarely is there any kissing, holding or touching. Now if I were still in my twenties and could get it up at the mention of sex or the site of nudity, it would be okay. Unfortunately I need a little, uh…what is it called that women want so much of? Oh yeah, foreplay. She ain’t into that. When she wants it, she wants it then and she wants it ready to go. This has left me depressed and even once brought me to the point of trying a free sample of what so many of those commercials suggest you ask your doctor for. My thought pattern was that - if I were to know she was gonna be wanting it, say around eight o’clock, then I can take a little pill an hour before and PRESTO! I can be ready. (I can’t believe I admitted that.) Well, in recent weeks we have tried to work on this problem. Instead of the four to five times a week of the distant past, we have tried to focus on having less quantity and more quality. Uh, it’s worked to a degree. There are times still when I get frustrated, like this past Sunday night. Then there are times, like Monday night, when it is oh so good! I could go into detail here about how she came twice due to both my mouth and the hard thrusting. I could also share the tale of how, about an hour after we were done, we found ourselves masturbating together, in bed while watching an adult movie. But Monday night is not the focus of this post. Instead I want to share with you our first episode of our face to face sexual intimacy. Writing this has been good for me. Maybe I should suggest she read this and remember as I have done. Maybe it will do the trick with what has ailed us. Who knows? So without further interruption, here is The Divorce Chronicles Part 7. Although this post focuses little to none on the horror that was happening back home in Alabama, and only on the wonderful first time meeting of a man and a woman in Tennessee. As I have mentioned before, if you haven’t read parts 1 through 6 you can find them linked near the top on the left hand corner of this page under categories. “It took a second for my eyes to adjust from the bright sunlight outside. Once they had I immediately looked to my right at the entrance to Ruby Tuesday. There were a few people milling about, leaving their name with the hostess, but none looked like Susan. I turned and looked to my left along the line of open stores and people shopping. Nothing, nada…I turned my head back to the restaurant and slowly worked my filed of vision from the restaurant entrance and along the low brick wall outside the place. Pausing a second on any blonde woman I would see. There, about half way down the wall she sat, watching me with a big grin on her face. My breath stopped. It was her, and she was more beautiful in person than I could have ever imagined. I smiled and waved. She continued to smile at me and lifted her hand in greeting as I took my first step in her direction.” As I walked toward her she stood up from her seat on the wall. Our eyes locked and our smiles set we met together about three paces from where she had been sitting. We instantly embraced in a tight hug, chest to chest with her head resting on my shoulder. We held this hug for a good five seconds or more and I immediately noticed the feel of her large breasts through the fabric of her lime green sweater as she pressed them against me. This was good! “Hey.” Was all she said as we broke from the embrace. “Hey Susan, it is so good to see you at last.” There is something about a Southern accent and the simple word “hey”. Those of you in other parts of the U.S. or abroad, may not be as familiar with this greeting. Obviously it means the same as “hello” but it is used more frequently in the Southern States. Just like how we say “y’all” instead of “you all” or (the dreaded) “you guys”. Hearing a true Southern accent is music to my ears. FA was born in New Jersey and raised in Chicago, so to have a woman speak with a dialect I am familiar with is pure joy. Now when I mention Susan’s accent and the South in the same sentence you should know that it is not the sugary sound of some Belle sitting on a veranda somewhere sipping sweet iced tea. Instead she has the pure twang of one raised in or near the Appalachian or Smokey mountains. Those of us who grew up in the South can usually distinguish between someone from Georgia, Alabama, Virginia, Charleston South Carolina or East Tennessee. When Susan is not in a purely professional setting her voice can sound very much like that of her hometown neighbor, Dolly Parton. “It is so good to finally meet you!” She said. “Same here. You are beautiful.” “What? Don’t I look like my pictures?” “Nah, better!” We chatted for a minute or two then decided to take a stroll around the mall. As we walked away from where we had stood she took my hand in hers and looked up at me. Good Lord I was in heaven. I could not imagine that this woman could really be interested in me! To have done so much wrong in life I was certainly being rewarded. Undeservedly of course. In our stroll around the mall we were mainly window shoppers. Stopping to look in the windows of several upscale clothing stores, as well as Victoria’s Secret. She let me know that she gets all her under garments from VS, and I was thrilled to know I was with a woman who did. We continued to walk around, talking and looking till we came to a beauty supply store. She wanted to go in and buy her Mother something. A trip down to Knoxville, where the fancy stores were, was not an everyday occurrence for folks from her town. She knew her Mom would want some new shampoo and nail polish. We entered the store, hand in hand, and I immediately recognized one of the workers, and she recognized me as well. She was a good friend of my sisters and the last time she had seen me I was with my wife and kids. As she watched me from behind the register I could imagine her thoughts of “Chuck the adulter”. Once we were ready to check out I was sure to introduce Susan to her and ask if my sister had mentioned I was going through a divorce. That seemed to cause her eyes to return back to their normal size. As we left the store I asked Susan if she was ready to get something to eat. She said she was and we settled on Ruby Tuesday. The wait wasn’t too bad and soon we were seated in a booth at the back of the restaurant. Our discussions at the table turned more from “small talk” to talks about us. As we looked over the menus she reached out across the table and took my hand in her’s. We again talked about how happy we were to finally meet, and once the cocktails worked their magic, we talked about how nervous both of us had been earlier. This was the first time I had had an alcoholic beverage since the day before my wife had left me, and I believe my tolerance level had gone down a little. I was soon as loose as Susan had become, and our talking didn’t end with the arrival of our food. There was little we could share that we hadn’t already talked about on the phone or through email/chat, but the conversation was riveting none the less. In time we had consumed all our food and drinks and it was time to move on to the next step in the evening. Just what that would be, I was not sure. My Mom had requested that I not be back too late. She was keeping my kids and had recently had foot surgery so it was hard for her to get around. Especially when having to chase a two year old! As I paid the bill and we prepared to leave the restaurant Susan suggested we go somewhere else. I shared with her the story about my mom’s foot problems and how I shouldn’t be gone from home too much longer. It was lame, I know…but at this point my Mother was the only one privy to the fact that I was going out on a date so soon since everything had happened with FA. In the eyes of my parents I was still legally married. I did not want my Dad to know (he was still down on me and any future relations with women at this point due to the shit FA had caused), and Mom had agreed to keep it a secret for now, so I had promised to come back to their house somewhat early. Looking out into the darkness that had recently fallen, I suggested that Susan and I go out and sit in my car and talk some more before I had to go. She agreed and we exited through the mall entrance and out into the dark parking lot, lit now by only the bright lamps on their high poles. We walked out to my car and I opened the passenger door for her. She sat down and I closed the door then walked around and sat down as well. It was right around 8:30 pm, half an hour before the mall closed for the evening. The parking lot had cleared out considerably and the area I had originally parked in was fairly isolated. We sat there for a few minutes, talking about the dinner we had recently eaten. I turned on the radio and asked her what station she preferred. She said, to my delight, 107.7 WIVK. I turned on the radio and we sat there for a minute listening to the music that poured from the speakers. I do not remember the song, but I do remember what I did next. I reached over and took the left side of her face in my right hand and I pulled her towards me for a kiss. We met half way across the front seats and had our first kiss. It was gentle at first, but soon became passion filled and our tongues touched then mingled. Still holding her face with my right hand I stretched my left arm over and gripped her shoulder with my left hand and pulled her even closer. We made out like high school kids for a good three minutes. Once we finally parted lips I couldn’t help but laugh. She asked what was so funny and I replied, “Here we are parking and necking, just like a couple of sixteen year olds!” She laughed as well, then pulled me closer to her for more lip action. This was the best kissing I had had in many years. It felt so incredible to be kissing someone like this. It had been a few years since I had kissed someone and really cared about them at the same time. As we kissed our hands began to wander. I moved mine down from her face, putting my left hand on her hip and my right on the outer swell of her left breast. She had her left hand wrapped around my neck and moved her right hand to a resting point on the upper thigh of my right leg. As we kissed my hand on her breast grew bolder as did her hand on my inner thigh. I paused long enough to look up and check out our surroundings, noting that we were still alone, and dove back in for more kissing. This time I worked my way down from her lips and chin, onto her neck and down to the cleavage showing through the V neck of her sweater. My right hand continued to get more bold in it’s exploration of her tits while my left worked its way up and over her hip towards warmer and wetter pastures. She, in turn, ran her right hand up from my thigh to my chest and back down, always seeming to miss the package. With her other hand/arm she pulled me closer for deeper kissing. With each second that passed I grew harder and harder. As we kissed, and she teased me with her hand, I hoped she would finally find the mark and recognize what I had growing there in my jeans. I didn’t have to wait too much longer before she rested her hand on my crotch and wrapped her fingers around that which had stretched itself down my leg. “Mmmm, there it is.” She said, and that was all the cue I needed to take my hand and dive fully onto the denim material between her legs. We continued to kiss and touch for a couple more minutes till we heard the sound of car doors opening near us. We separated from each other in time and were able to see a couple close the doors to their car about three parking spaces from us. “Maybe we should move?” I asked, and she agreed. I cranked the engine and moved the car from the front of the mall over to the side where the Toys R US parking lot met JC Penny. Once again alone I asked her if she would show me what she has told me about so many times on the phone. She asked what exactly that was, and I mentioned how she liked to touch herself then dropped my eyes onto her lap. I told her that I wanted to see her cum. “Are you sure?” She asked. And I responded with a definite affirmative. Susan unzipped her jeans and reached down into her panties. As she played with herself I could hear and sense exactly what I had heard from her on the phone in times past. The rhythm of her fingers intensified and she began to increase the rubbing of my cock through my pants. She tilted her head back on the headrest and I took that opportunity to slip my hand into her jeans and panties and feel exactly what it was she was feeling. It was so wet. Her finger focused on her clit as mine dug deeper into her pussy. She let out a moan as I dipped my finger into her very wet vagina. I could not get good penetration from this angle but it seemed to do the trick never the less. She took a firmer hold of my cock with her left hand and continued to rub her pussy hard with her right. “You want me to cum?” She asked. “Cum for me baby!” I responded. And she did. She came solidly and with a fair amount of noise. I kissed her as the wave took her, then continued to kiss as it moved on out to sea. Once she was done she looked over at me and said, “Wow, that was sooo good.” “You looked so good having that orgasm baby.” I responded. We kissed a little more and then I told her I need to get back to my parents house. We let each other know again how wonderful it was to meet, and soon I was walking her to her car and giving her that last goodnight kiss. I sent her off on her way feeling like she was the one for me. I drove back to my parents that night worrying that some people might say it was too soon, but I knew, deep down, that Susan and I were meant for each other. She called me about 10 minutes after we had separated and told me that she was sitting in the drive thru at Starbucks getting a frappuccino. She also told me how much fun she had had meeting me and hanging out with me. I told her that meeting her was the highlight of my life and that I looked forward to the next time. We hung up promising each other we would meet again soon. To be continued…

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