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Thursday, April 14, 2005


Making A New Friend And (could it be) Falling In Love?

Continued from Tuesday... But before I logged off I thought I would check one more room. It was an Alabama room, nothing dirty or suggestive like "Alabama m4w" or "Screw my wife in Bama", just a regular room. I started at the bottom of the alphabetical list of screen names in residence and stopped on one that interested me. As I moved my cursor over the name "Female, 32, Tennessee" was highlighted underneath. Cool, I thought, she might be a University of Tennessee fan like myself. I right clicked on her screen name, "radio_chick32", and opened her profile to see if there was a picture.... The profile was pretty simple, there wasn't a name or nick name listed. It only listed the person as a single female, aged 32 from Tennessee and at the bottom in the "news" sections there was written, "Go Vols!!" I also had that written on my profile. Seeing that she was a UT fan was exciting in itself, but seeing the picture made it even more so. *exact pic from the profile* My God she is a pretty woman, I thought. It looked to me that her pic was taken with a web cam, just like the one on my profile. I clicked on the "send me a message" link and our first conversation began.... chuck: Good evening! Love your profile....GO VOLS!!! radio_chick32: OMG! How funny, I was just looking at your profile and was going to message you! Nice to see a Tenn fan from Alabama! :) We continued to chat that evening for a long while, until she said she needed to go to bed. We both turned on our web cams and talked face to face for a while too. After the first ten minutes or so I felt something I had never felt before in the many online chats I had had. I wouldn't be as dumb to say it was "love at first sight/chat" but I would go as far as to describe it as pure comfort. I realized that this woman was not like all the others. I felt like, and I know this seems corny, but I honestly felt like this was a woman I could come to love. In any case I didn't want her to be a one time or just a random chat partner. So, I did something I regretted from the moment the words flew from my fingers and on to the screen. I lied.... I told her that I was in a unique situation. I said that I was recently divorced, but my ex was still living in the same house as me and our kids. I said she planned to move out as soon as she got her job up an running. I don't know what it was, but after the first few minutes of chatting with her I just had a feeling that a relationship with this woman was inevitable. Some how, for once, I knew that a divorce had to be in my future, one way or the other. Right before we logged off that evening she asked me if I would like to call her tomorrow while she was at work. She worked as an on air personality at a radio station and said she had lots of down time and would love to talk to me. I was more than happy to and took her number and promised I would call later in the morning (it was already after midnight at that point). We ended our chat and I lay my head down on my bed/pallet on the floor and thought of this wonderful woman, Susan, and what could lay ahead for us. Over the next week we would chat, web cam chat, email and talk on the phone almost constantly. During our many late night talks we would begin to talk more and more about our personal lives. By the ninth day of our "relationship" she told me that there were three men she could see herself spending her life with. Two were in the military and deployed to Iraq for a year and the other was me (!!). (Remember now, she was under the belief that I was a divorced man) The two military guys were men she had met online as well and one she had actually met a few times in person. The way I saw it, the guy she had met, Brian, was my real competition. But then again, what was I thinking? I was married and a liar and probably had no real chance with her. Everyday we would talk and everyday we would grow closer and closer to each other, and every day I would feel more and more like the biggest idiot for not coming clean. On the eleventh day of our relationship I had a meeting with a customer in the city. After the meeting I decided to stop and get my oil changed in my company car. As I sat waiting for the work to be done I called and talked for a few minutes with Susan. She was at her other, full time job and couldn't talk long, but I was able to share with her how my meeting went and how I had planned to take my daughter to the mall that evening to buy her some new jeans. We hung up with each other and I drove home, arriving around 4:00 in the afternoon. I was totally not expecting to find what was waiting for me when I got home. My life had, unbeknownst to me, just taken a drastic turn. I would never, in a million years, have imagined the shocking changes that awaited me when I arrived. To be continued....

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