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Friday, April 29, 2005

I am so freakin’ glad it is Friday! This has been a long week indeed. Yesterday sucked a big one. Around noonish I began to feel a little tired, achey and run down. By two I was in the bed with a fever and chills. Took a bunch of drugs and by this morning I felt much better. Around 1am this morning I woke up with my side of the bed soaked. My first thought was that I had peed the bed, but then I realized that my fever must have broken since I was sweating terribly. I am so glad to be feeling like my old self again! Just about ready for a cocktail! Bring on the weekend!! I do not have much to write about today. I have been too busy to write another story from the divorce era. So instead I thought I would make another of those dumb lists that everyone seems to be so into these days. My friend Bo Snagley recently wrote a “If I could I would” post, so I thought I would shamelessly walk in and steal his idea while his back is turned, but I am going to change it a little….hope you don’t mind. If I had the drive to get off my ass and change some things, I Would… 1. Stop using all tobacco products. 2. Drink less alcohol. 3. Get involved in a community theatre. 4. Focus on being more organized. 5. Lose about twenty five pounds. 6. Save more money. 7. Get debt free. 8. Exercise daily. 9. Invest more. 10. Play a sport. 11. Make friends (here in my area). 12. Read more books. 13. Spend less time on the Internet. 14. Only blog on the weekends. 15. Go to bed with my wife when she goes to bed. 16. Join a church. 17. Plant a vegetable garden. 18. Learn to build things out of wood. 19. Devote more to my career. 20. Visit my parents more often. 21. Go see my Grandmother in Georgia. 22. Go to every University of Tennessee football home game. 23. Try to get interested in Nascar. 24. Not be so jealous because my wife has friends and I don’t (here in my town). 25. Spend less time in the bathroom. 26. Get a physical from my doctor. 27. Spend more time with my kids. 28. Learn to play games on Playstation 2 with my daughter. 29. Buy a bicycle and ride it. 30. Learn to work on cars. 31. Find ways to be more attractive to my wife. 32. Find out why my ass sweats so much. 33. Travel to Europe. 34. Make my own porn movies, again. 35. Host a party of my favorite bloggers. Okay, that’s it for now. Can you tell I am reaching for things to write about? Maybe I should put #14 in place. ;-) Have a great weekend everyone! divider

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