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Saturday, April 09, 2005


Catching Up On A Saturday.....

Finally the weekend! It's so nice to be able to relax and enjoy time to yourself. That's pretty much what I've done today, but more about that later. This past Thursday we were to have some new furniture delivered. A queen sized mattress and boxsprings for my daughter T, and a new dining table, chairs and buffet thing, and a brass head and footboard for T's new bed. The mattress people said they would be here between 11am and 1pm. They showed up around Around two o'clock I was talking to one of my customers on the phone and she mentioned that she would see me tomorrow (Friday) at the sales meeting in Montgomery. Uh, sales meeting? I thought that was scheduled for the 18th not the 8th. Guess I wrote it down wrong. So I spend the rest of the afternoon scrambling to get my shit together for the meeting. The rest of the furniture was to be delivered between 4pm and 6pm. At ten to six I call Susan and tell her she needs to call the bitch (I don't care much for her) who sold us the furniture and find out where the hell it is. She calls back and tells me that they are running behind and it may be closer to 8pm before they get here. I get dinner for the kids, finish up my work, Susan comes home and we begin drinking wine and eight o'clock rolls around and no furniture. Finally they show up a little after nine. I was already on the second bottle of wine at this point and not the regular sized bottles (750ml) mind you, but the bigger bottle (1.5L). I was feeling no pain. The two guys unload the kitchen table, chairs and buffet then go back out to get the bed stuff. The table set came with six chairs, two which have arms on them (if you know what I mean) and I proceeded to plop my drunk ass down in one of them and the arm cracked in two right where it connects with the back of the chair. Susan and I both look at each other in shock and I get up right as the guys come in the front door with the headboard. I say to the first guy, "Man this chair is broken. I didn't pay $1,800 for a dining set with a damn broken chair." He looks it over and apologizes and says they will take it back and order another. Yeah, I am a jerk sometimes. They go upstairs to put together the bed and after a few minutes he calls down for me to come look at something. I go up to the bedroom and discover that the idiot sales woman had ordered a full sized headboard/footboard instead of the queen we purchased. I tell them to load it back up and that I would call "what's her name", uh, Cozan (what kind of name is that?) tomorrow. They both rolled there eyes and laughed and one said, "Oh she was the sales chick, huh?" Yeah, her idiotic reputation must be known to her co-workers as well. The delivery guys get ready to leave and I send them off with two 20 oz plastic cups full of white merlot. They appreciated that! Friday morning sucked big time. I woke up with a hang over and an hour and half drive ahead of me. I had to get showered, shaved, clothes ironed, boy dressed, myself dressed, boy dropped off at pre-school, and get down to Montgomery all in time for a 9am meeting. Susan and I had a big fight, which I can not now remember the reason for, and I left with L in a huff. I drop him off and get on the interstate heading south and she calls to apologize. I say I am sorry back, then hang up and think about how unprepared I am for the meeting ahead of me. My worries were for nothing. The meeting turned out okay and I was back on the road around 11:45 am headed for home. Once home, I stripped down and climbed into bed and slept for about an hour and a half. The 5 hours I got the night before just wasn't quite enough to do me. Last night my daughter had a friend over to spend the night and Susan and I watched the entire replay of the Pope's funeral on CNN. It was a very moving service and I even found myself choking up a time or two. He was a great man and did some pretty awesome things for the world. Susan and I have been talking of converting to Catholicism, and watching the beauty of the funeral mass may have pushed us a little closer to doing so. Later last evening I was offered the opportunity to partake of the marital fruit and I choose to pass it up. Yeah, I am sure there was a collective groan as you all read that last sentence, but I am really into this new historical novel I have and was anxious to get some reading in. Of course I am sure the reading could have waited seven minutes, but I just didn't feel the desire. I really need some anti depression meds without sexual side effects. Anyway, I have promised her that I would be rocking her world Saturday night. It has been 10 days since we have knocked boots and there is sure to be quite the orgasmic explosion tonight when we do. So if any of you reading this are in the south eastern United States and you feel a trimmer of the Earth around 10 pm tonight it will be me and Susan, going at it like wild animals! Okay, I just realized I have set myself for some fat jokes with that last statement. starting on Monday! Today I was excited when the mail came because my recent purchases from Comedy Central was delivered. I purchased the first five seasons of South Park on DVD as well as three South Park t-shirts. My favorite has Mr. Hankey on it with "He's soo nutty" written across the bottom. Click on the link then click to enlarge the picture so you can see what I mean. In case there are those of you reading this who do not watch South Park I should tell you that Mr. Hankey is a talking piece of human feces. You should also know that his son's name is Cornwallace, and he was born with a corn kernel in his head. Here is a picture of Father and son so you will be able to get what it is I am talking about. We took T and her friend over to the friend's house for another sleep over tonight and Susan, L and I went to lunch and shopping at Lowe's. Susan had gone out earlier and bought four pictures to go over the new buffet in the eat-in section of the kitchen, so at Lowe's I bought one of those stud finder, laser straight line creating things. I am looking forward to using it to hang some straight ass pictures. I will post a photo once I have it done. That's about it for now. I sure hope you all are having a swell weekend! Talk to you soon. Oh, P.S. You can still send your monitor pics anytime you like. I want to keep updating the album as I get new ones. There sure has been a lot of folks viewing the album and leaving comments. To date there has been 153 visits since Wednesday. You know you want your monitor added there with the rest!

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