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Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Random & Meaningless Pictures...

After the deep and depressing post of yesterday I thought I would entertain you (yeah right) with some random pics I took late on Monday night. The interesting thing about each one of these pics is that they were taken in near pitch darkness. My camera has a killer flash. Here you see our new wine rack, purchased Sunday at Pier 1 Imports. Susan has developed an interest in wine here lately, fortunately she likes the cheap stuff. Also, while at Pier 1, we purchased an Easter tree and a few decorations. I am not sure what the meaning of this is exactly, but I do know my Mom always had one while I was growing up. Since putting up the Easter Tree there have been many rousing choruses of "Oh, Easter Tree", sung to the tune of "Oh, Christmas tree", heard here at casa Chuck....Yeah, we are a little weird. And speaking of weird, here is my hand on a stove burner. What fun things I find myself doing late in the evening after having one too many.

I took many more pics that night, like numerous shots of Susan asleep with her ass showing and one of my right testicle, but I seriously doubt y'all would want to see those.

That is all for now. Aren't you glad you stopped by?

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