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Thursday, March 03, 2005


On The Road Again...

As I mentioned yesterday I had to travel to Mississippi. I actually went to Columbus, Ms. It was quite a beautiful old southern town. After waiting in the car, with my Diet Coke and cigarettes, the guy I was there to work with finally showed up. I got in his car with him and we went on some sales calls. I forgot to take my camera and I regret it incredibly. The town had some beautiful Antebellum homes. Many with signs that said they were built in the early decades of the 19th century. I would have loved to have taken some pics of a few of them. This morning started a bit later than ususal, thanks to a late night chat with a friend. I showered then sat down for a while to think.

Usually I do this in reverse order, but for some reason today my "thinking/reading time" didn't hit me till later. There was to be a lot on my plate today. Besides a full day of work I had to run by the Dentist to pick my my molds, trays and bleaching stuff for my teeth.

Later, this afternoon after talking to some Blogger Buddies, I realized that I needed to go to the grocery store. Monday we found out my daughter may be lactose intollerent and for two weeks the doc wants her to lay off all dairy products till she can have further tests run. Looking in the fridge and pantry I realize that there is little she can eat.

I will have to find something to make do tonight and hit the store tomorrow.

P.S. Thanks to Dobbs for teaching me how to do the multiple pics in one post thing.

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