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Friday, March 11, 2005

Okay folks, it wasn't as bad as I initially thought. I sat here for about 20 minutes imagining that she was driving around all freaked out and ready to rant and rave once she got here. About 3 minutes after I posted that last post she pulled in the drive way. I met her at the door and she actually asked me to step outside so we could talk without the kids bothering us. That in itself was a bit shocking. She was very calm and said something to the effect that there was some problems with the papers and we needed to talk about them. I told her to come in and we closed ourselves up in my office and started going through the four pages line by line. She had questions about some wording on the first page and with a closer look I determined that there were indeed some typos or wrong words used. She is the plaintiff and I am the defendant and these two words were mixed up a couple times. She also had issue with her getting a 14% cut in the proceeds of the sale of this house, if I were to sale it in the next three years. I had wanted that taken out of the original decree, but to tell you the truth, it ain't such a big deal. First of all, we have no plan to sell the house during that time, and secondly, even if we did we are so maxed out on the equity now there wouldn't be much profit anyway. Having already discussed this with Susan before FA got here, I let her know that that part could be removed. She was okay with everything else. We sat down and made the changes by hand on the copies of the papers and she told me to fax them back to the lawyer and she would sign them, as soon as they had them ready, next week. So there you go....that is what happened. She had an legitimate issue over typos, and then a problem with her portion of a potential house sale. She doesn't have a problem with the part about the alimony or the part about her getting a portion of my life insurance if I die within the next three years. The alimony was, as you all know, all we were really concerned about. Now I can go away this weekend and breath a little easier. Thanks for your continued concern.

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