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Friday, March 04, 2005


Liquor Stores, Wal Mart and Steak & Lobster....

Today has been a wild day! It started out this morning with me trying to work and the boy constantly asking for something.... "Dad, can I have more drink?" "Dad, will you change the channel?" "Dad, I want one of those!" (yelled two rooms over, while pointing to something on the tv screen) I had promised him he could stay home from school (preschool) today only because his Mother had told me she would be picking him up this morning to spend the day with him so I could work. When I hadn't heard from her by 8:30 I called her cell phone. She answered and asked if she could come get him once she had gone to work out and taken a shower....some time around 11. Damn, must be nice to be a part time parent. At ten o'clock he and I headed out to drop off a couple prescriptions for T and Susan at CVS, then on to Blockbuster. After renting a few movies we headed on to Wal*Mart to stock up on groceries. I ended up spending right at $200 on food and two new DVD's, the new release of "Bambi" and "Ray". FA met us there at WM and took L with her and I headed on home so I could get back to work. I was surprised to find that the ever so lovely and gifted Murphy actually went out and took a picture for me today in her home town of Indy. She had mentioned a certain business on her blog and I requested a picture of the sign. She was ever so kind to drop everything and run out and take the pic for me. In case you have looked at the picture and still don't get it....I live in Alabama and I have been known to enjoy the occasional adult beverage. Thanks Murph! Today around 5pm, T and I headed out to meet Susan at Outback for dinner. We had a great time (mmmm steak and lobster tail....) then came on home and my daughter and I watched "Ray". Man, the movie is even better the second time. T is very musically inclined. She has an incredible singing voice and is very active in her school chorus. I knew she would appreciate watching the well acted story of a musical genius. I did have to explain drug abuse to her, as well as a few other things, but I think she really enjoyed the movie. She and I have been listening to his music on CD now for a few weeks in the car. I think she found it pretty cool to see all the original songs she has been hearing, being sung on screen by actors. After the movie she and I bathed the dog and now, at 10:30, everyone but me is in bed. Tomorrow we are having an exciting family fun day! Let me just say I am ever so excited to be getting up at 7:30 on a Saturday morning! Thanks Susan for suggesting this day of fun! No, actually I am thankful to her. She has planned some fun for the four of us tomorrow. What a great step mom! I will let you all know about it later. Have a good weekend!

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