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Sunday, March 13, 2005


Excuse Me Miss, May I Fill Your "Slot".....?

Morning folks! I am sitting here in my room at the Grand Casino in Gulfport, Mississippi. Susan is down stairs playing the slots, and seeing as I have already lost about $80 I thought I would give up for a while. We arrived here yesterday around 1pm, checked in and immediately began playing the slot machines. Susan put in a twenty and within an hour had won around $280.00! I, on the other hand, was sucking like a $3 crack whore. I took twenty and decided to try my luck playing Blackjack. Having never played it in a real setting before I was a tad bit intimadated around all the pros at the table. It was a low end table, $5 min. bet, but I managed to hang in there for about 30 minutes before I lost all four of my $5 chips, so obviously I was winning a little. I should have left when I was up $40. Susan's Mom is really into the slot machines. I know she won a lot last night, but I am not sure how much it was. All the free drinks began to get to us a little so we decided, around 6pm, to grab some dinner. After Susan and I had eaten our share of oyster's on the 1/2 shell and gumbo, she wanted to go back to the floor and play somemore, I decided to go up to the room and take out my contacts and take some Advil. Forty five minutes later I was sitting here in my boxers, feeling a bit like the raw oysters and beer were fixing to start kicking my ass. Fortunately she called and said she was bored with it and was coming back to the room. We got into bed and decided to rent a pay-per-view movie. She wasn't as hip on the porn selections as I was so we settled for Meet The Focker's. Definitely NOT as good as the first one, but okay I suppose. We were both asleep by 10:00, and I slept wonderfuly, only being awoken twice with my cell phone ringing. I was pleasantly surprised to find two voice mails this morning from some drunk asses singing "Sweet Home Alabama"! Don't you just love it when your blogger buddies include you in their drunken singing fun? I am typing this on one of those cordless keyboard, internet on the TV for $9.99 things. Hopefully it was post okay. If Susan continues to win on the slots I may get to spend sometime surfing my favorite blogs...Or I could go out and walk on the beach. It sure is a beautiful morning here! I hope you all are having a wonderful day! More later...

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