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Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Excuse me, but is that bull shit I smell...?

Today I begin vacation. I am off until Monday. I don't really have any plans other than laying around the house being a bum. Today I slept till almost 10am, then farted around the internet for a while, talked with a blogger buddy on the phone, and watched the movie Taxi on DVD. It was pretty good. The kids have been with their Mother since Monday, but I will be getting them back tomorrow. I want to do something fun as a family tomorrow night, like see a movie or go bowling, etc. but Susan has dinner plans with a customer. That really pisses me off a bit. This customer is a man who's wife died about a month ago. When Susan went to the funeral she asked the guy if there was anything she could do for him. His response was to take him to dinner sometime. She came home that night and said that she and I would be taking Ben to dinner soon, and that I would really like him...yadda, yadda. The dinner was planned for night before last. That morning I asked Susan what time we were going and where, she informed me that she would be going alone. When I pressed further she explained that when she mentioned to Ben about me going along he had asked that it just be she and him. That he wanted to talk "business", but we would all do a dinner together in the future. Yeah right...something smells a little fishy about that. Their dinner was cancelled and rescheduled for tomorrow night. She assures me that there is nothing to worry about, but still I am not sure. I just don't like knowing that he specifically requested that I not be in attendance. This happened once before, with another customer. Only this time it was drinks at a sports bar. It was on a Friday afternoon and Susan and I were going to be heading out of town right after their cocktail meeting. It wasn't a business meeting, just she, he and another friend having drinks and playing video trivia. I figured I would show up, have a beer, then she and I would leave for our trip. The guy requested that I not be there because it would make him uncomfortable. I smelled BS and it ended up that my sense of smell was dead on. I felt weird about that situation then, and it did turn out that that guy was a big ass perverted jerk. So now I have this dinner thing tomorrow night to worry about. I talked with her on the phone a little while ago about it and asked her why they didn't just do lunch. That's what business people usually do when they want to eat and talk business. Dinner out with another man's wife just seems a little odd. Fortunately I trust Susan and worry not about what she might do. After all, why would she want to screw someone else when she has the best lover in the world right here? (I am referring to me, in case ya'll were wondering...) I just don't trust other men. I know what they think and what they might try. In other sure to get your peep pictures in to ESSF by midnight tonight. Susan and I had fun last night taking a butt load of pics for the contest. ESSF has set up a site where you can see the pics that have been submitted. Click here and go check them out. Quite a few of them were taken by old Chuckie! Can you guess which ones??

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