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Friday, March 25, 2005


Doing The Laundry Can Be A Turn On.......

Happy Friday to you all! Today has been a Daddy and kids day. Susan didn't get the holiday off, so the kids and I headed out to lunch and to a movie. We saw Robots. Pretty cute flick. Robin Williams is excellent when animated! As many of you know, my wife's Peep pic won the contest at ESSFingers blog. I appreciate any of you who may have voted. ESSF assures me that the prize is in the mail! I was actually shocked that Susan was willing to pose for such a pic. ESSy actually cropped the pic down pretty close, originally her nipples were showing. Before Susan and I met she, like me, was quite the chat room junky. With the web cam she had where she lived before she moved here, she used to flash those puppies quite often. I joked her yesterday that this is the first time in two years that her boobs have been broadcast around the world wide web! The night we took the pics she was under the influence of one of my stronger than usual pina coladas. She suggested, as she was going to sleep, that I come in later, pull the covers back and arrange Peeps over her nude, sleeping body. I will say that I would never allow such a pic to be posted of my wife for all the Elliots of the world to ogle, but I won't say whether I actually arranged the Peeps, took the pictures, licked the Peep sugar off her body when I was done, then stored the pics in a secret folder here on my computer. Nope, you will never know the answer to that one! Speaking of licking bodies, Susan again decided to get a little busy in the laundry room Wednesday night. She called me in as she was starting a load and informed me that she was wanting to see if I had a load for her. I smiled and mumbled something like, "Ha ha, funny." And then turned to go back to the living room. She stopped me before I could leave and started kissing me, with the noise of the washer and dryer rumbling behind her. The kissing got pretty hot, and hands began to wander. Somehow over the noise of the machines I heard the door bell ringing over and over again. Thinking something might be wrong I told her to wait and went to go see who would be ringing continuously at 7pm in the dark. It was the stupid neighbor kid from across the cul-de-sac. The oldest child of the parents that no one likes. So as not to be accused of being Michael Jackson, I arranged the wood in my shorts and opened the door. He said his Mom was making corn bread and needed an egg. Jeeze, one minute kid. I go get him an egg and he turns around and proceeds to drop it right on my sidewalk. "Can I have another Mr. Chuck?" Jeeze! I get him another. In the five minutes this takes Susan has taken her seat in her chair in the living room. I see her and assume the moment has passed. I go back into the kitchen to get my drink and she says, "Don't we have something to finish?" Why, yes ma'am I think we do! She takes my hand and leads me into the bedroom and I close the door. Not because the kids were here, they were with FA, but because we don't need Trooper to walk in and see Mom and Dad bumping and grinding. If dogs see activity like that at such a young age it can traumatized them for years to come. Anyway, we work our way over to the bed kissing the whole way. We pause to get undressed and continue the necking as we lay down on the bed side by side. She takes me in her hand, working lil'Chuck up to his full capacity, and I dip a finger in to find that she is now quite ready herself. "You are so wet!" I say. "Mmmm, you are hard as a rock. Come on, I need to bust a nut!" She replies. Hey, I think, that's my line. I keep my thought to myself and slide over on top of her and slip right in. We go at it for a while, me between her thighs with her legs locked around my waist. As we kiss and I plunge in and out, she reached one hand down to her clit and says, "Oh man, I am going to cum! Keep it up, harder...faster, and cum with me!" "You go on baby, I am almost there." I say, barely able to get the words out. Damn this was feeling so good! She let out a low moan, then came hard. I kept pounding through the waves of her orgasm. When I felt her leg grip on my waist loosen I pulled myself up, pulled out of her, and exploded all over her stomach and tits. As I finished myself off onto her she looked at me and said, as she always does, "I love you baby." Ah, I love it when she does that! Once we were done and we had both come down from our ecstasy, she looked down at the load I had deposited on her and said, "Damn that cum is hot! Look at the steam rising off my tits!" We both got a chuckle from that then I went to the bathroom to get a towel. Too bad she already started a load, we could have added this towel with my load on it to the load! LOL So that was Wednesday night, Hump Day, about three hours after I had posted about my fears of her going to dinner with the male customer. Maybe this was her way of telling me I didn't have anything to worry about? Maybe that is the case, and I am happy to report that nothing unusual occurred during their dinner last night and she was home by 8:05. I still agree that business meals with the opposite sex, where the spouse isn't included, should occur at lunch only.....but....if I can get sex like that before each dinner, I might have to let her do it again! Y'all have a GREAT weekend!!

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