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Tuesday, March 08, 2005


A Continuous Thorn In My Side....

It would seem that the ex forgot about our conversation at lunch a few weeks ago where she agreed to end the alimony. I had been trying to get her on the phone Sunday and yesterday, with no luck. Finally yesterday evening she took my call. I felt like she may have been avoiding me, and now I know it for fact. I told her again that my lawyer has the papers drawn up and is ready for them to be signed. I asked if she could come down here today and meet me there. She said no, that she would be busy, and that she wasn't sure she was going go through with it. I asked her if she was wanting to fight this and she said no, she didn't want to fight with me. She said she just wasn't sure she wanted to give it up. I told her there was no choice. The money we pay her in alimony every month has to go towards the kids in the form of day care and monthly braces payment. I told her she had until 11am today to let me know what her intent was. At 11 today I had a consultation with the Orthodontist for my daughter's braces. I told the ex that if she wasn't going to agree to sign the papers I would have to use the two thousand I was going to pay down on the braces for further retainer fees for the attorney. I let her know that if she refuses it will hurt our daughter, cause she will have to continue on with crooked teeth. Of course this isn't true, I had paid the Orthodontist the cash two weeks ago, but FA didn't have to know this. She let me know that she didn't think it was fair that she not receive alimony and that she had "bent over backwards" during the divorce and I had come out the better. HA! More on that later.....Here is pretty much how I presented it to her. I let her know that if she refuses to sign these papers I will take this as far as I have to, legally, and spend as much as it takes. Once it is all over she will not only be losing her measly $500 a month in alimony, but she will have to pay child support (she hasn't paid me a thing) and will have to pay the negative difference owed in the dumb ass car she made me buy five days before she left me. More on this later too....I informed her that I would have the testimony of anyone she has received money from in the past two years; her parents, her married minister boyfriend (who she hopes will leave his wife for her. Their affair being outed would dash those hopes since he would be fired from his job.) and the owners of the house she lived in for a year, but only paid rent on for 6 months. Also the adoptive parents of the baby she had a year ago supported her financially big time. Not sure if I can legally get them subpoenaed, but I threatened it never the less. I also let her know that I would have full custody of the kids and her visitation with them would be supervised. I told her all these things and she still said she didn't know if she wanted to sign. What a dumb ass! As I closed out the phone conversation I let her know that I considered that she was going to fight, and if I didn't hear from her by 11 this morning she had better get an attorney, borrow a shit load of money from her Mom, and get ready to go to court. I never heard from her today. All of the things I mentioned above are true, by the way. I didn't just pull them out of my ass, my attorney had said that is how it would go down if she wanted to fight this. Although it will probably cost me up to around 8 grand, it might be worth it in the long run. Am I spiteful or what? All you guys and gals thinking about divorce or going through one, just know....if there are kids involved your pathetic exes could be a thorn in your side for years to come. Remember how the Roman soldier pierced the side of Jesus after He had died on the cross? If you saw Mel Gibson's Passion movie I am sure that scene is as memorable for you as it is for me. Well I am not comparing this to the suffering of our Lord, but man it is sure a close runner up. "Bent over backwards" my ass! In case you don't know the story of my divorce, or haven't been reading since the early days of my old blog, here is the abridged version...

My ex wife, who we all know as FA, filed papers for divorce on Feb. 20th, 2003. I was not made aware of this. On the 21st, yes the next day, she begged me to buy her a new car, saying she could not start college driving a mini van and that she would have sex with me if I bought it. At that point we hadn't had sex since November of '02. She begged and begged, whined and cried and I gave in and I hastily bought her a brand new Nissan Xterra. Four days later, on the 25th I return home in the afternoon from a customer meeting and she and the kids were gone. The next day I was served (by the guy I later learned she had been sleeping with) the papers and the day after, they returned back home. I found out, once she was gone, that she had taken all but $200 of the $13,000 from our savings and checking and had also not been paying any bills or the mortgage for the past two months. She screwed me big time, and neglected to even give me a kiss.

During the next five weeks we all lived here in this house together. During that time she would go out and screw the married guy she was seeing at the time, and I would stay home with the kids. She would get a little tipsy and tell me all about what she was doing, like how he would bend her over the new car I had bought and fuck her from behind. She blew through all the money she had taken, and even a couple thousand more she received from her parents. Well, towards the end of May she got a little worried thinking that maybe she had screwed up and said or done a few things that could hurt her in the divorce, so one night she decided to take a drastic step. She crushed up several prescription sleeping pills, mixed them in a glass of kool aid, and offered it to me. Having just come in from a walk in the neighborhood, and being thirsty, I accepted her offer. Thirty minutes later I could barely move and, realizing something was wrong, I tried to call 911 on my cell phone. This was when she pulled me over the banister and I fell crashing to the wood floor in the foyer. The next thing I remember, the house is full of cops and emergency personnel and I am being put in the back of an ambulance. It was about five days later that she decided to fire her attorney and agreed to sign the papers mine had drawn up. It was either that, or face the grand jury for possible attempted murder. I agreed to drop the charges. I was just happy to get this over and be able to keep my kids. So, I wouldn't exactly say she bent over backwards in the divorce proceedings, would you? By the way, the divorce was finalized in the courts on April 2, 2003, exactly 42 days from when she originally filed.

Oh, and speaking of that damn car I bought her. She was awarded the car in the divorce with the stipulation she get it in her own name within 60 days. She never did, nor did she pay the payment or insurance and I had to take it back to prevent my credit from being ruined. So, not only did I agree to pay her $500 a month, but now I had a car payment close to the same amount as the alimony. She has been costing Susan and I $1000 a month now for two years. It is past time that she become an adult and take some responsibility like everyone else in the world has to do. Get a job bitch and take care of yourself for the first time in your pathetic life!

Can you tell that I am just a little pissed about this whole thing?

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