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Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Another 50 Things About Chuck....

There hasn't been much going on in the World o' Chuck lately other than work, work, work! I spent all day Monday busy here in my office slaving over my administrative tasks, and yesterday I traveled to the Meridian, Mississippi area to work with a customer. Three hour drive there and back. The drive was nice though. I always enjoy driving. When I am not busy listening to talk radio, it allows me time to think. Unfortunately, nothing profound came from my thoughts. Certainly nothing worth mentioning here. Although I did get to talk with a few of my blogger buddies. That was nice. Today it is more paperwork in the office, but I will be going to a retirement party at noon for one of my customers. So.....I thought I would take this time to tell you some things about me that you might not know. These are in no particular order and should not be confused with my original 100 List, although some of them I may have mentioned there. Warning, some of them are definitely TMI, but then it wouldn't be me if they weren't.....right? 1. I have one sister who is thirteen years younger than me. 2. I played Capt. von Trapp in The Sound of Music and Danny in Grease. 3. I have a fear of being in prison. 4. In the third grade I lied to my parents and told them that I had been elected class president. 5. In second grade my girlfriend, Kelli, placed my fingers into her vagina during the movie The Rescuers. I remember that it disgusted me and I wanted terribly to wash my hands. 6. As an adult, looking back, I have always wondered if she has been sexually abused as I would assume that most 2nd grade female children wouldn't know about such things. 7. When I was in the 7th grade the adult and married 30 something daughter of my science teacher had me finger her on a school field trip, while jacking me off. It was the first time I can remember having an orgasm. It freaked me out. 8. I started using smokeless tobacco, Copenhagen, in the eighth grade. I asked my Dad if I could. 9. I still use about a can a day. 10. I sleep best with a fan blowing directly on me. 11. For many years I read, on average, three novels a week. 12. I have a large collection of books, although 90% of them are in boxes in the attic. 13. I am a procrastinator. 14. I am terribly disorganized. 15. I do not have a good self esteem. 16. I am a man with several addictions. 17. I am currently trying to not spend as much time in the Blogosphere as I have been accustomed to. 18. I have no feelings, good or bad, for my ex wife. 19. I find that I want to distance myself from drama, whether in real life or with internet friends. 20. Some of the folks I have come to know via the Blogosphere, people I will never meet, have become closer to me than some of my family. 21. In the past two years there have been less than 20 evenings when I haven't had some kind of alcoholic drink, usually much more than one. 22. Susan and I spend close to $500 a month on tobacco and alcohol. 23. I am very proud of my daughter and how well she has dealt with the divorce. 24. I sometime worry that I won't live to see my grandchildren. 25. I would like to have a child with Susan, but in a way it scares me. I worry that someday she will leave me and take the child. I also worry that if we were to have one she wouldn't be the kind of Mother I would want her to be. 26. I have had bad credit in my adult life. 27. Now I have a high credit score, and I want to keep it that way. 28. In 2004 I was the top sales person in my company. Beating almost 100 others with the highest % over quota. 29. My company pays a very nice salary, but we are also eligible for a yearly bonus. 30. Yesterday I got the largest bonus check I have ever received. It was very close to $20,000, all thanks to my performance in 2004. 31. I have worn glasses since the 4th grade and contacts since the 10th. 32. I hope to get Lasik surgery sometime soon. 33. I am not sure how I feel about the Terry Schiavo situation, and that bothers me. 34. I own over 25 pairs of boxer shorts. 35. I like the way my package looks in a tight pair of boxer briefs, although I hardly wear them. 36. I spent most days in a t-shirt and boxers. 37. I once accidentally flashed half of my penis to a single neighbor lady when I answered the front door in my boxers. 38. She has been very nice to me ever since. 39. I am proud to own a Cairn Terrier. They are not too common in the US, but supposedly very common in the UK. 40. I think my feet are ugly. 41. My BA degree is in history, I am a history fanatic. 42. If I could go back in time I would like to visit medieval England, sometime in the mid 12th century. 43. I sleep with a fan blowing directly on me every night. 44. I sometimes have very vivid dreams. Last night I had one where I was pulled over by a female cop who offered to let me go if I gave her oral sex. She looked like a female Barney Fife. 45. When I get the chance I love to sleep late. 46. I recently reconnected with my best friend from High School. We haven't spoken or seen each other since my first wedding in 1991. I could tell he was stoned while we talked on the phone. 47. I take antidepressants medication, although I wish I didn't. When I go a few days without taking it, I tend to feel a little weird. 48. When I am working from home I sometimes have up to six bowel movements, all before 11am. 49. My desire for sex has diminished considerably in the last five months or so. 50. I love my wife a whole heck of a lot.

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