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Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Not So "Pretty Woman".....

A little over two years ago I moved my family here from Edmond Oklahoma, a northern suburb of Oklahoma City. While I was living out there I had a customer of mine tell me, while drunk at a bar one night, about a area of town where you could get a blow job for $20 and sex for not too much more. These activities took place on a street called South Robinson. I drove down there once around eleven in the morning and noticed the women, black and white, walking along the street. I observed them getting into cars or trucks with men. I knew that these were 100% pure street walkers. Something I had never seen before outside of television and movies. Even though I am, as many of you know, a perv I never once had a desire to "employ" any of these ladies for their services. I found it very sad and never drove back to that part of town again. A little while later I was watching Maury Povich one day and there was a guy, Brian, on there showing video clips he had taken of prostitutes hooking up with men. He made it his goal to alert the public and police of these acts and called himself the Video Vigilante. I was surprised to find out that he was from OKC and the video he was taking was from the same area of the city I had visited that one time. I used to frequent his site and was always shocked that so many married men would stoop to putting their health, and that of their wives, on the line by having sex with these women. In time I moved here to Alabama and lost touch with his site. Today I was checking out the Smoking Gun website, as I often do, and came across this entry. It seems the Video Vigilante may have gotten himself in some trouble. Since I had forgotten the URL for his site I did a Google search and found it. I have spent some time tonight reading his site and watching the videos he has of catching hookers and johns in the act. I have no idea if he is indeed guilty of the charges, but never the less I think what he does is a good service. I am not one who has a "holier than thou" attitude, Lord knows I am guilty of a lot of bad shit. BUT I do think that the state of some of these women is terribly sad. Watch these two videos which are interviews Brian filmed with two of the street walkers. In my opinion it is terribly sad that these women are so addicted to drugs that they would daily perform these acts. It is also sad that so many men, the world over, would risk so much to help meet this need. It's sad all around. Okay, you don't often find me on a soap box, but I just thought some of you might find this interesting. This was just was on my mind so I figured I would post something about it. In other news I bought a dog today. Dropped $470 on a cute, precious little puppy. We will pick him up on Saturday. The kids are thrilled! Also, in case any of you are wondering based on this post, Susan's "friend" came to visit tonight. I reckon the only little chuck running around here anytime soon will be of the hairy four legged variety!

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