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Saturday, February 26, 2005


Not Much Of A Handy Man....

God I suck. I am so not a builder or fixer kind of guy. Last night we went to Home Depot and I decided to buy a 50' roll of 3' fence along with 10 of the 4' fence poles. I thought I would enclose part of the side yard so we could open the back door and let to puppy out to do his business. I woke up around seven this morning and got out there bright and early and began my fencing project. I was so into it, enjoying the cool morning air, hammering the posts into the ground and stretching the fence between them. I even broke a sweat, it felt so good! Well, once it was all done it looked like something a dirt poor redneck family would keep their chickens in. (no offense to any dirt poor redneck people who may be reading....hey, how did you afford a computer?) If I wasn't too afraid of you guy's jokes I would take and post a picture of the fencing job. Well, it looks like I will be hiring it done here soon. Guess I will go ahead and get the whole yard fenced in with the 6' privacy fence. Two sides are already up, shouldn't take more than a grand to finish the thing off. Later, this afternoon, we went shopping at Old Navy. We buy probably 50% of my and the boy's clothes from there. We usually shop Old Navy online, but thought we would go to one of the area stores instead. It is amazing how much $200 can buy at that place. We have L's whole summer wardrobe pretty much wrapped up. We even got a couple polo shirts and four pairs of boxer shorts for me! After Old Navy we went across the street to my favorite chain restaurant, Outback. Mmmm, it was damn good!! After that we were off to Wal Mart to stock up on more junk, then on home. Since we've been back home I have been steam cleaning the three bedrooms and hallway upstairs. Once this is posted I will be working on the downstairs; living room, my office, the master bedroom, powder room and hallway leading to the foyer. The foyer, kitchen and dining room isn't carpeted thank goodness. Looks like I have my work cut out for me this evening.

In honor of the new NASCAR season I have submitted the following picture.....WARNING!! NOT WORK FRIENDLY!! Hope you ladies enjoy it!! :)

Y'all have a nice Saturday night!! Go get you some!

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