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Sunday, February 06, 2005


My Weekend Of Bachelorhood....

It's been a nice weekend with out the ball and chain. Susan got home today around 2pm and wanted to know why I hadn't done some of the crap around here that needed to be taken care of. I told her that since she had had a mini vacation away, I decided to take one too. It's been fun. Let me recap.... Friday Night: Here alone with the kids. My daughter T had an event at school till 9pm so my son L and I went out and ate Mexican together. When we came home, before I had to go pick up T, I surfed around the net a while while my four year old son spread out on my bed to watch television. After about 30 minutes I noticed that he had become unusually quiet. Assuming he was asleep, I went to check on him. I found him laying on his stomach, chin propped up with his hands, looking through my Playboy magazine. I keep them up in the top of our closet, but I usually have the most recent issue in the rack next to the toilet in the master bath. The kids hardly never use our restroom, but just in case I keep the Playboy at the bottom of the pile under the People and Esquires mags. "Okay, let me have that magazine." I said as I snatched it up from him. "Daaaaaad I was reading that." He whined. "Nope, you're not going to read that one. Go get another one out of the bathroom if you want, but not this one!" I took the mag and put it with the others in the top of the closet. Five minutes later L walks in my office where I sat here, back at the computer. "Dad, I want that book back. It had guls (girls) in it and it was funny. Made me laugh." "No, L, you are not going to read that one." Thirty minutes later we are in the car going to pickup T and he says, "The guls were funny! They was naked, but the boys had clothes on." Oh, great....I can hear him now at a custody hearing! Later that night I chatted up a couple Hoo-chie on Yahoo then went to bed around 3am. Saturday: The kids let me sleep in till around 10. At noon we loaded up in the car and hit Taco Bell for lunch. As we were leaving I embarrassed my daughter by blasting the Backstreet Boys from the CD player while driving through the parking lot as some girls from her school were walking by. "Oh MY GOSH!!! DAD, turn that DOWN!!" She yelled as she slipped down in the car seat. Next we went to Wal Mart and bought $100 worth of beer, cat food and CD's. I just had to have the Ray Charles CD from the new movie, Toby Keith's Greatest Hits 2 and ABBA, The Definitive Collection. T got the Kelly Clarkson CD. It has been forever since I have bought music. It was kind of fun. Once home the kids played outside with all the other younguns and I received a lesson in CD ripping from ESSF. She also introduced me to the world of mp3's and all the fun that goes along with them. I suppose now I will have to invest in one of those player thingys like all the cool people have! She shared a shit load of her music with me and I sent her the Ray Charles songs and Toby Keith. I tried to talk her into the ABBA, but couldn't get her to budge. I owe a big thanks to her. She was very patient and helpful in getting me set up with the new Windows Player and walking me through the many different steps of how to work all the features. I know many of you may find it hard to believe, but there are some things Chuckie can't do on his own. Around five yesterday afternoon the ex, FA, called and asked if she could have the kids for the evening. Since I had already had about eight beers at that point I told her sure, but she would have to drive down here to get them. She did, and I had the evening kid free. I spent much of the rest of the evening ripping CD's and eating pizza, which I got free since they screwed up my order. Later in the evening my old buddy Jim came by for a visit. It was good to see him, since it has been a while. We had a lot of catching up to do, so we drank cocktails and talked till almost 3am. I finally got in bed with the intent of passing out, but found myself getting interested in Nicholas and Alexandra on one of the premium channels. I have always been a Russian history fanatic, and hadn't seen the movie since college. I finally turned down the volume and went to sleep around 5am.

Today: I slept till noon, then woke up when Susan called saying she was two hours from home. She had me make a list of things to get at the store for our family Super Bowl party, and I showered then headed to Publix.

Now it is an hour from game time so I guess I should rap this up and get ready for a big night. I have to order and go pick up the wing/finger platter and then crack open my first of many beers. Overall my weekend of bachelorhood was a success. Hope she decides to take a trip home alone again soon! :)

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