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Monday, February 21, 2005


My Exciting Weekend.....

Having just come off a pretty intense weekend I thought I would take a little time and recap for you the excitement that occurred: Friday night I spent alone at a nice resort in Florida. One of my customers was having a big yearly kick off meeting and I, along with a handful of other vendors, were invited. Susan was unable to attend seeing as first of all, my ex was unavailable to keep the children, and secondly my son L came down with a nasty case of pink eye Thursday night. So I headed off all alone Friday to Destin and checked into the hotel. Once in my 13th floor junior suite I opened the glass door to the balcony, gazed out on the beach and ocean for a minute then crawled into bed falling asleep to the sound of the waves and gulls. Just a twenty minute power nap, but it was nice never the less. That evening we had cocktails and dinner, followed by a long awards meeting. After this they reopened the bar and had live entertainment. I did no dancing though and spent most of the time out in the smoking area drinking beer. I overheard an interesting drunken conversation between two men. Seems one of the men received a blow job from him wife on the way down to the resort. The wife was present during the conversation and interrupted and described how once he had cum in her mouth she attempted to spit his load out the window, but missed and hit the inside of the car door. They laughed and I stood there, trying not to look like I was listening, and thought how odd it was that they were discussing this like other people may discuss the weather. I did get to talk with a good friend and her husband. That was about the highlight of the night. I ended up in bed by 10:30 and fell asleep watching the History Channel.

Saturday morning I was on the road by 7:15 driving the four hours back home. About 20 miles from home I get a call from the ex wife, who is still in the hospital in case you were wondering. The first half of the conversation was pretty light with chit chat, then she got into it. As I had worried she made an attempt to balk at the alimony thing. She told me she would pay me $200 a month in child support and I could pay her $300 in alimony. In other words I would just lower her check by $200 a month. I told her there was no way that would happen, that the legal action was already underway, and that both her parents agreed that doing it was the best thing. I also told her that she would probably find that most of her other support would be ending (from her Mother/Dad), and that for a time she wouldn't be able to see the kids alone. I mentioned that this was for her own good, as she needs to focus on her own well being. I relayed to her that her Mother suggested to me on the phone that she move to New Jersey and live with her grandmother for a while. She didn't take this all too well and the conversation that began with nice words ended with her sobbing so bad I couldn't understand what she was saying. Finally I asked her if she wanted me to give her Mother the number to her room so she could call, and she said she did. I hung up then left her Mom a voice mail with the phone number included. I have heard nothing from either of them since. I think the ex may be getting released from the hospital today. Maybe I should call and check.

My daughter had gone camping all weekend with a friend and her family, so Susan and L and Trooper were the only ones home when I arrived. The boy and the dog greeted me appropriately, but Susan just said hello. When I asked if she was happy to see me she said,

"You've only been gone a day, it's not like you have been gone a month helping out tsunami victims in Asia."

She said it as a joke, and it was pretty funny. We both laughed and I gave her a kiss. Then she hurried to get ready for her hair appointment. I took my pink eyed son to get his haircut and to return movies to Blockbuster. Susan called a couple hours later to say that she was on her way home and to also inform me that they had served wine at the spa where she got her trim and pedicure and that she had been "drunk as Cooter Brown." I am not sure what she means when she says that but when she sang, "Everybody in the SPA getting tipsy," I had to laugh. If you are not familiar with the song I suppose you won't get that joke.

Late Saturday afternoon we took the boy and went to a couple furniture stores. We ended up buying a dining table, 6 chairs and matching side table/cabinet/buffet thing. It had to be ordered so we won't get it for 6 weeks. We then went to a new restaurant and had an awesome meal. Quite full, we left there and proceeded to Home Depot where we bought two gallons of paint. One for the upstairs bathroom and another for the guest room. I intend to move my daughter from her smaller room to the guest room soon, when we can get her some new bedroom furniture. Susan had decided to change the theme of the kids bathroom for the second time since she has lived here. Last week she had bought all the new matching crap for the bathroom at Linens and Things and all that was left was the repainting to begin. Well, guess who found himself painting that room for the second time in a year and a half? It wasn't too bad, the room isn't that big. Once I had it all trimmed out I rolled the rest in 15 minutes. Later that evening, as a thank you, Susan gave me a nice blow job!

Yesterday morning my daughter returned from her camping trip and we worked on cleaning house some. At lunch the kids and I went to Krystal for some "gut bombs" and then on to Walmart for some shopping. I let them call and talk to their Mother on the way back to the house. Back home we cleaned some more then Susan went out to WM to get some things I had forgotten. I made a great dinner of pork tenderloin, rice and green bean casserole and we all watched some television together as a family while eating our apple pie with vanilla icecream for desert. I can never watch this show without shedding a tear or two. Once the kids were in bed Susan, Trooper and I got in bed and I watched movies till sleep hit me.

Now it is Monday and President's Day. I have a lot of work to do so I guess I will end this for now. Hope you all are doing well!

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