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Sunday, February 13, 2005


I Ain't Afraid Of No 'Japanese' Ghosts.....

Cue the Ghost Buster's theme.... "I'm gonna be a little Japanese boy and when I scare you, you have to scream...okay Daddy?" Told to me by my four year old son not 5 minutes ago. Why oh why did I ever rent The Grudge? Now, before you get all "bad parent" on me let me tell you that I did not let them watch the movie. T had a friend over to spend the night last night and this morning I was watching the last 30 minutes and they happened to have caught a little of it. The two 11 year old girls were scared shitless from the few minutes they saw. My four year old son laughed each time the scary white faced ghost girl, or the little boy would show up. At one point I paused the move right at a point where the scary woman's face was centered on the screen, then I got up and went into the kitchen where the kids were. I told them that I had turned it off and they could go watch whatever they wanted to watch. Three seconds later there was shrill screaming coming from the living room once they saw what was paused on the screen! We did all sit down together to watch the behind the scenes special features, which weren't as scary as the movie. Ah, what classic Sunday family entertainment. This has been a pretty good weekend. Trooper has dominated much of the excitement. He is the most precious little puppy. I have joked with Susan many times about what a miracle his birth has been, and how happy I am that the pregnancy wasn't rough for her. Just now, as I left her and Trooper in the bed, along with my scared 11 year old who wanted to sleep on the floor of our bedroom, I told her how much her baby looks like her. Sometime soon I will be posting a pic of the new addition. He is the sweetest thing, even though he has pissed on the carpet three times so far and taken two dumps inside. His full, soon to be, registered name is Trooper Augustus (insert our last name here). Augustus, or Gus, because that is what my son wanted to call him. We named him after Trooper Taylor, a new assistant football coach at The University of Tennessee. We enjoyed watching him on the sidelines all season and I had mentioned once that I would love to name a son Trooper. Well, in a way, I guess I have. Saturday morning I got up early and headed to the ex's apartment to pick up my son. Then he and I went to T's friends house to pick up her and her friend. The four of us went to go pick up the puppy and then headed home to welcome him to his new digs. Susan took him around to show him to the neighbor women, what a proud mama, and I handed out cigars to the men. Okay, that last part isn't true. We had a fun time showing him around the house, playing with him and taking him out to pee. He is so precious, have I said that already? :) Saturday night, once the kids were in bed, Susan and I watched half of The Grudge. At some point she decided she wanted to get a little freaky so we ended up pounding one out right there on the couch with scary Japanese people looking on. It felt ever so good to bust a nut, seeing as it had been like eight days. Yeah, there was a full skillet once again. Ever since I have been on this Paxil medication I haven't really had much desire. I still think about sex like 60,000 times a day, I just have no gumption to put the thoughts into action. Today I made a big breakfast of sausage, gravy, biscuits and scrambled eggs. More puppy playing and movie watching occurred, then tonight I made homemade pizza and we watched the Grammys. Susan and I have had fun scaring T this evening with Japanese ghost references. Saying things like, "Was that a Japanese girl I just saw in the closet?" Or, "Chuck you better check under the bed for Japanese people with pale white faces." Of course T has been laughing at our jokes, but still she is sleeping in our room tonight. If you guys haven't seen The Grudge you should rent it. I would love to see the original Japanese version.

Thanks for all the comments on the last post. It is very nice to know that there are so many who care what happens in the lives of people they have never met. You all are awesome!

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