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Friday, February 04, 2005


Home Alone.....

My wife has left me.... I am sure there are countless women out there reading this now thinking that FINALLY they have their chance to be with Chuck. Well I hate to disappoint all my feminine readership (and Stuck) but alas, she is but gone for the weekend. We were all supposed to go home this weekend to visit family in Tennessee, but the sicknesses and other things conspired to break up the visit. My daughter has a 'rock a thon' at school tonight till 9 that she must participate in for a grade, and with the trouble my uncle has my parents have decided to go visit him in the hospital. Susan decided to go ahead and go home and visit her Mother and friends and will be back Sunday in time for the Super Bowl.

So, what kind of trouble could I get into this weekend? Seeing as I have the kids here with me I guess the trouble will be minimal. I will happily take suggestions from you all. Once the kids are in bed I could try to have a little fun. Maybe invite a couple strippers over. The last time she went out of town alone I wrote about it here and here. Oh well, I doubt I can have as much fun now as I did then. Most likely I will end up sitting here, surfing the net and being a total blog whore. You all be sure to write something good so I will have plenty to read. Either that or just email me some porn.


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