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Monday, February 28, 2005


A Day In The Life Of Chuck....In Pictures....

I have noticed that some of the blogs I read, like Mr. Dobb's, have recently featured some random pictures from real life to go along with the post of the day. I kind of like this idea and thought I would make an attempt at it as well. Of course mine won't be as exciting as his, but a fellow can try. I challenge all of you to take your digital cameras and add a little anonymous flair to your blogs. There is nothing in the pics you will see here that will give away too much about who I really am, or what my real name is! Ha! I spend most of my day's here at my desk. Working like a dog and trying to stay away from email and Yahoo Messenger. This is the place I read your blogs and the place where I post the ever so fascinating crap you read here. There are times where I keep my son home with me from pre school and when he is here he spends most of the time up in his room being baby sat by Timmy Turner, Blue, Tom and Jerry and so many others. I do, of course, go up many times a day and check on him. I try to keep the puppy, Trooper, from following me upstairs. It's important that he stay down below so he won't bother the boy by nipping at his heels or crapping in his bedroom floor. The boy is okay. He is watching Teen Titans and playing with his action figures. I take his cup to refill and head back downstairs, but before I do I stop in the bathroom to check out all the work I have done lately. The fresh paint and new accessories look fine, as does the cabinet I put up yesterday. It is a bit yellow in there though. A little later I head out to take my daughter to a doctor appointment. I spend a lot of time of my time in the car. After the Dr visit it is back home to get back to work. Oh, well....I just found out that Flickr has a pic posting monthly max for the free membership, damn. I guess I will have to figure out another way to post the next time. Does anyone have a suggestion for posting pics on blogs without using Hello? I guess I should ask Dobbs or Stuck how they do it. You will just have to wait for the rest of the day and the nude pics! LOL

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