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Thursday, January 27, 2005


Workin' For The Weekend.....

Ah, the work day is done and what a long one it has been. I got out of bed at 7:15 this morning and have been at it pretty much non stop all day. But now I can kick back, sip a cocktail and blog away. Last night the wife and kids and I had a nice time gathered together in the living room watching American Idol. Once that was over the kids went up stairs to spend their last hour before bed watching Spongebob or something like that and Susan and I locked ourselves in the bedroom. HUMP DAY was underway! We stripped down and climbed up into bed together. Deciding to skip the kissing part, we both have this nasty cold, she went right to town giving me some oral attention. I swelled to my usual Godzilla like proportions and she turned around and "backed that thing up!" Boy did I tear that shit UP! Slamming into her like I did I had her coming within five minutes. After that I had her lay down on her back and I continued with my objective. With her legs around my waist and the sweat pouring down my face I alternated between laying on top of her with my head buried in her neck or propped up in push-up position. The whole time giving it to her good. Non stop, constant pounding. She was loving it, coming again and again. At one point she even asked, "Can you feel how wet I am?" Oh yeah baby I sure can!! Well at some point it occurred to me that, as hard as I tried, I was not feeling that familiar urge to finish things. I could tell she was getting tired of it, especially when she asked, "You ever going to cum? I mean Damn!" I told her that I was trying and that was when she took both hands and grabbed my ass and started talking dirty to me. Just something about hearing my wife talk dirty in that East Tennessee mountain accent (think Dolly Parton) that got me where I needed to be, coupled with the ass massage. After another minute or so she could tell I was close and she unlocked her leg grip around my waist and I pulled it out and exploded all over her stomach and boobage. Damn what a load! Well, it had been since Friday night. Reckon I had quite a skillet full of nut gravy built up. Oh, great....I will never make another skillet of gravy with out thinking of that. So Hump Day at Chuck's was a success! One more day till the weekend. I can't wait for two days to relax. We are supposed to get some freezing rain here tomorrow night. The kids will be with their Mother Friday night and most of Saturday, so Susan and I will probably take in a movie during the afternoon. I really want to see Aviator. Thanks again to Becky for more help on my blog today. Notice the "Up Chucked" section in the upper left. I tell you this woman is good. I have wanted to change things with my blog for so long. I am glad I met her!

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