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Monday, January 24, 2005


What's On Lifetime Network? Anyone Seen My Balls.....?

Well here it is, the third day into my new blog, and I have yet to write anything of interest. Not that I used to write interesting things on my old blog. Sometimes I wonder why you guys come here to read. Maybe it is just because all you exciting people want to see how the boring folks live. I have worked really hard today. It’s weird saying that and not having to worry about my boss reading. Anyway, I worked hard, even though I currently feel like three day old dog crap. I did take a few minutes during my lunch period to catch a little of a movie on the Lifetime Network. What is it about those damn movies on that channel known as “Television For Women”? I hate them, but sometimes I just have to stop and look. It’s like passing a car wreck. Maybe they are (somewhat) interesting because of the adultery, cheating, sex, baby stealing, baby swapping, eating disorders, murder, teen angst, monthly periods, skanky dudes, slutty chicks, and the distorted women’s view of men. That pretty much makes up the subject matter of each and every movie. Susan is a Lifetime junky. If it weren’t for football and Foxnews she would have it on 24/7. What makes it worse is that we have TWO Lifetime channels with our satellite service. That is double the lame ass movies. Tonight on that lame ass network is the world premier of the Lifetime original movie, Widow On The Hill. At 8pm central I will be THERE! God, I can’t believe I just admitted that. Maybe my problem is that I have no (non Snagish) guy friends to hang out with. You know, a few guys you could go out and have beers, shoot pool, throw darts and talk about poon. Heck, I would even be willing to go to a strip club. I am sure my arm could be twisted. Hey central Alabama guys give me a call, lets go out and have some fun! Damn, I hope that didn't sound too gay.... Just kidding Snagley…..whenever you want to meet at Sammy’s I am there!

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