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Friday, January 28, 2005


TGIF Baby.....

Good Friday afternoon to you all! It's 5:00, the whistle has blown, and I am Fred Flintstone sliding down the Brontosaurus neck ready to clock out! Don't Friday's seem so much better after a week from hell? Today, besides working, I went to get the tag renewed for the license plate on Susan's car. Standing in line at the DMV is a great way to spend an hour! The weather here is turning cold and rainy. There is even a chance for some freezing rain tonight. Hmmm, sounds like a good reason to snuggle up under the covers for a little one on one time. I might just have to see if my wife can be multiple twice in one week! Oh speaking of orgasm's, it seems my "nut gravy" reference from the last post brought up some interesting comments. Snagster, it worries me that you would associate my ejaculate with your love of various types of gravy. Dude, I thought I knew you....Actually I have used that term before in my old blog, but I know there are newer readers here who weren't around months ago. Well, obviously there isn't much to report today. I think I will post this and get on with my weekend. Hope you all have a good one too!

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