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Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Sex and the Working Chuck.....

Oh my Lord, what a day! I have been hard at it, with hardly anytime to myself. And certainly no time for any Lifetime movies today!! I did manage to read a few blogs though and Ed I can relate to you man, only not showering was, in my case, a choice. Just haven't had time. So it's a good thing y'all can't smell me through your monitors! Let's see, let's see....what to discuss? I know, a cocktail might put me in the mood. Be right back. Okay, thanks....where was I....oh yeah, I want to thank Snag, ESSF, Shumpy and Eyerocker for your help and suggestions today. My problem didn't get fixed, but I did get to clean up a lot of other crap. Thanks guys! How about sex? Maybe some of you have been wondering about my sex life since I haven't posted about it in a while. Well, lets has pretty much thinned out a little here of late. Once last Friday night and one other time during last week I think. Here lately its been pretty much a series of quickies. Not that I encouraged it, its just been the way she has wanted it. My wife can achieve orgasm rather quickly, so for her it doesn't need to be a long drawn out affair. And she never seems to want to have more than one O. When I read about some of you and your elaborate love making sessions it makes me a bit jealous, but I guess I should be happy with what I get. It could be worse, huh Dobbs? Friday night was pretty good. I used a condom so I wouldn't have to worry about pulling out. While looking down into her face I saw something I don't think I have seen in a while. She had a purely sexually charged look on her face. I wish I could describe it adequately. Her eyes were closed tightly, lips slightly opened, face flushed and she was letting out a moan I haven't heard before. As we continued to move together, me on top, her legs wrapped around my waist, she would command, "faster/harder", and I would comply. After a good while I brought her to orgasm, without the need of her hand, and I soon followed right behind her. It was great, but unfortunately not repeated the next day or since. I will say that these new condoms aren't half bad. She really likes the way they feel. Okay, well I guess that is enough for one day. I do want to thank all of you who have been sending me e-mails asking for my new blog URL. I have been getting around 10 to 15 requests a day. Many from folks I have never heard from. Y'all don't be afraid to comment sometime, even if it's a bad one. But if you want to continue to lurk that's just fine too. I just appreciate you reading. Everyone have a great Tuesday night and don't forget American Idol tonight! Oh, and before you start in with the "maybe if you showered more often you would get more sex" comments you should know I am always clean while performing my stud services.

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