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Monday, January 31, 2005


In The "Family Way"....?

Hey all! I have been kind of out of it lately. Sorry, but the rest of my past story will have to wait till tomorrow. Got too much going on now to sit down and write it all out. But get to it I will, I promise. I wasn't sure about putting all that stuff down, as it can be rather embarrassing to me. But since I have started it I will finish it. Besides, I am sure you would rather hear all about my weekend anyway.... Friday night we were having sex. Now if any of you have read much about my sex life either here or on my old blog you will know that we usually use the "pull out" method of birth control. Yeah, I know that it is stupid and risky but it usually works for us. I don't have any trouble holding out for as long as she needs me to so there never is any fear that I might pop one off prematurely. That was until Friday night. Okay, so we're there on the bed going at it in the usual position. Her on her back, me betwix her legs. She is really getting into it making those faces and noises that drive me wild. I alternate between putting her legs over my shoulders, so I can drive it deep, or letting her wrap her legs around my waist. At some point during this she said something terribly dirty (can't remember now what that was) and reached her hand down to play with her clit. I think it was the combination of the dirty talk and seeing her play with herself that pushed me right (over?) to the edge. Suddenly I stopped and she asked what was wrong. "Uh, close there for a minute." I answered. She went back to playing with her nub and I continued to pause there on my knees between her legs thinking. Did I cum? I felt that urge, but I stopped in time...didn't I? I did feel that feeling, guys you know what I'm talking about where you know you are fixing to shoot a load, but I stopped in time and therefore didn't feel the orgasm that usually comes after that initial feeling. Jeeze that was a mouthful, can you say run on sentence? Anyway, so in other words I felt like I was going to cum, got close if not slightly over the edge, but then never felt the actual orgasm happen. So I continued back at my task and after five seconds or so she asks, "Did you cum?" I tell her no, and she says, "Well it is suddenly wetter than it was before." I pull out and sure enough there was fluid down there that wasn't all hers. "OH MY GOD! You dumb ass, you came in me!!! I better NOT be pregnant!" Okay, that was enough for me. I went from rock hard to limp quicker than you can say "There goes Susie with a baby carriage." I tell you, I can't believe it but I guess I did cum. I just didn't feel a thing. Susan got up and immediately got in the tub in the hopes of washing all my little buddies out of her and I stood there puzzled. Damn how bad would it suck if I knocked her up and can't even think back fondly on the conception? I have heard tell of men who can have an orgasm without ejaculating, just never heard of anyone ejaculating with out the orgasm. Saturday we went out for lunch at Macaroni Grill with the intent of going to see that new Clint Eastwood movie, but got a little too buzzed at lunch and decided to go home and nap instead. Saturday night more sex....with a condom, and a nice complete orgasm for both of us. Y'all reckon Chuck is going to be a daddy again? Guess we will have to wait a couple more weeks to find out. It is not that Susan is opposed to having a baby, she just isn't ready now. Things are cooking with her career and she would like to wait at least another year or two before the blessed event. I'll keep you posted and will continue the other story tomorrow.

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