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Wednesday, January 26, 2005


How Do You Like Me Now.....?

So what do you all think about my new template? I think it's pretty damn snazzy! I have to give all the credit and thanks to my new blogger buddy BLOGGIN BEX. She spruced it up for me and I am pretty pleased with the results. I know I have said it already several times, but Becky, I really appreciate your help with this. YOU ROCK!! In order to get this done I volunteered to give her my log in name and password so she could access my template. In the future if any weird posts show up about how I am "into guys" or like "taking things up my ass", feel confidant that they are not coming from me! It will be an attempt on her part to sabotage my blog! LOL I am sure that won't be the case, but still....beware. :) If any of you guys are interested in giving your site an overhaul and don't have the time or, (like me), the knowledge to do it yourself give her a holler. Her prices are way reasonable (really cheap) and she does dang good work. This woman is an HTML queen and she has a lot of templates available, although I chose to copy the same one she has. You can find her email in the link above. Not much else to report today. Susan stayed home from work. She has this same crud that me and L have, although she did end up going in mid day. She is such a work horse! I worked all day then went to Wal Mart to stock up on stuff. I am so proud of my daughter T. Early during the last grading period she had like a 50 average in math. She started going to tutoring and by report card time she had pulled it up to a high D. Today she got her progress report and she has a 91 average in math! She is making great progress. I am sure she gets her math genes from me. I was terrible in math and it took me two attempts to get through college algebra with a D. Guess that's why I didn't go for my B.S. but graduated with a B.A. Couldn't make it with all the extra math classes.

Well, it's Hump wish me luck!!! I needs me some relief! Talk to you all later....

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