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Monday, January 24, 2005


Chest Congestion and Gas....

I am sorry I didn't get up another post yesterday as I had planned. The weekend found both me and Susan a little under the weather. Some kind of nasty chest congestion that has kept us hacking the whole time. Yuck, I hate it! So, therefore there wasn't much in the way of excitement around here and nothing to write about. There was some good football yesterday and I see I am the ultimate victor (so far) over at ESSF's Fantasy Picks game. This time I didn't let my wife influence my choices, thank you very much Stuck, she actually wanted to see the Pats lose. She felt like someone else needed a chance to go to the Super Bowl for a change. I made a big pot of chili and we ate, watched football and stunk the place up! Yeah, I know it's not on my low carb diet, but I had already cheated on Friday so I figured I would just start over fresh today. Okay, well I guess I better go drink a bottle of cough medicine and get to work. Sorry for the boring post. Hopefully more later.

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