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Tuesday, March 07, 2006


You Found My Blog How?

I didn’t think I would have anything to write about today. I racked my mind trying to think about recent events in my life that I could share with you folks. I mentally listed everything post worthy that’s happened lately; sex with three prostitutes in a crappy hotel on the Southside of Birmingham, six car pile up (caused by me) on I-65 south, penile reduction surgery, talking Julie down from yet another attempt to jump off her town’s tallest (2 story) building and taking a second job as a cowboy then falling in love with my range riding partner. None of it seems quite interesting enough. Then it hit me...why not share eighteen of my most recent “key word searches”. You know that’ll be all kinds of exciting! So here you go, actual ways people have searched for and come to my blog, along with my thoughts on each one... The crazy part is that these are just a small portion of the weird hits I get daily. On average I get six or seven of these zany key word searches everyday. I know all you bloggers get them too, but I’ve never (until now) taken the time to point them out. Y’all have a great Tuesday!!

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